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Blocks overview

I am working on this project to learn how to mod. Everything is subject to change. 

I have plans for this mod to become a fully fledged modular magic system where players can practice an assortment of totem magic. 

Now available for Minecraft 1.12.1

Totem overhaul - MobTotems v0.3.0

Guide recipe

If you have Guide-Api installed, you can use the in-game documentation, otherwise please visit the online documentation.

  •  I've dramatically overhauled the totem system, adding 10 new modular totem parts.
  • Craft a carving knife and right click the air to open the carving selection menu. Select the totem design you want then right click a totem wood block to carve it.
  • Craft an offering box and place it at the base of your totem to complete it.
  • When placed on top of a completed totem, the Sacred Light block can provide the totem with free Charge.
  • I've made the Sacred Light recipe configurable. 

New in v0.2.0!


Introducing the start of a magic system I'm calling Charge.
If you have Baubles installed, you can use the new Personal Wolf Totem amulet to summon a spirit wolf to fight by your side. Activate equipped MobTotems baubles by pressing the 'h' key by default.


Spirit Wolf


Personal Wolf Totem


In order to summon the spirit wolf, your bauble needs charge. This is where the new Incense Kindling Box comes in. If you stand near a placed Incense Kindling Box, your equipped MobTotems baubles will fill up with charge and can be activated by pressing the 'h' key. The Incense Kindling Box will burn up and disappear shortly, so don't waste them.

Incense Kindling Box


For totems you will need to craft a totemic focus:

Totemic Focus Recipe

With your totemic focus in hand, right click logs to carve it into a totem wood block.


Next craft the Sacred Light block. This block will stop mobs within 32 blocks of it from spawning. You can extend it's range by placing it on top of stacked totem wood blocks. Each totem wood block will extend it's range by 16 to a maximum of 64. 

Sacred Light block recipe