Its a decoration mod that seeks to add new garden-themed objects to set your buildings. Currently there are already several mods that add furniture, this mod seeks to be one more complement to them, since you can find hundreds of different objects and elements with which to decorate your world. Being one more mod of the MOA DECOR catalog.


All items in the mod can be obtained in survival mode. In order to start creating these objects you must place an GREEN dye and an emerald on a crafting table, in this way you will obtain 9 GARDEN'S GEMS with which, by combining them with other materials, you will be able to obtain the decorative items. THERE ARE 166 DIFFERENT ITEMS!


EXAMPLE: If you want to obtain the model of a Wheelbarrow, for its crafting you must necessarily have an Garden Gem, in addition to the extra materials for the object, being in this case Iron bars, light blue dye and a cauldron. There are some secondaries crafts that derive from the combination of objects from two models. In these cases, the Gem will not be necessary, since it was already required for its previous craft.


NOTE: For a more complete experience, it is recommended to see the other mods of the MOA DECOR catalog, where there are more categories that complement this mod.