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Miskatonic Mysteries (Legacy)

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Miskatonic Mysteries

Stare beyond the veil and meet what lies beyond





Miskatonic Mysteries, or MM for short, is a modification themed after the world of H. P. Lovecraft and related authors, and seeks to bring this madness to Minecraft in a never-before-seen way. Inspired by the likes of Witchery, Bewitchment, Enviromine and more, MM seeks to add a new dimension of threats, enemies, and magic to Minecraft. Make cults! Summon the Elder Gods (or at least, a fragment of them)! Interact with terrifying elder beings! Destroy your own body and sanity in order to possess a bit of their power!



Getting Started


In order to start your dive into the occult and the profane, you must first seek out certain places and areas, as of now these include Forests, Villages, and Strongholds. In strongholds and other such structures you may find a new material, called Oceanic Gold. This material is both vital to rites as well as used as a currency for trading with Cultists. Within these locations you may also come across a copy of the Necronomicon, resting forgotten in a chest, or a copy in the hands of various Cultists, however, not all Cultists will take kindly to you (note: the ones with crossed arms are neutral and can be traded with!). After a Necronomicon has been acquired, you can proceed into more specific Works.


A Cultist of the Goat (Goatist?) willing to trade with others sits on a beach.



Its a good idea to pack up a Book and Quill or two as well, on top of some strong weaponry... Within these Forests and Villages, you may discover some ancient Shrines dedicated to a specific Great Old One or Elder God, seen below. However each Shrine comes in a few different designs that may not exactly match the following:



Once you find a Shrine that looks interesting, right-click on the engraved mural depicting an Elder One with your Book and Quill, this will transform it into a Research Notes on the respective entity. You should seek out more and more in order to fully unlock the rites pertaining to this entity, including how to receive their "blessings". With your Notes and Necronomicon in hand, you can begin peeling back the veil, and may begin dabbling with what lies beyond.


Current Content

As MM is a very new mod, a lot of planned content is not yet implemented, but what is in listed below:

Serfs of the Yellow King (Hastur Cultists), found in villages and strongholds

Cultists of the Goat (Shub-Niggurath Cultists), found in woods

Dark Young: Vile offspring of the Black Goat, found in woods. Their flesh has special properties...

Octagrams: The main "device" used to conduct rites

Altars: Another component of rites

Sanity: What would a Lovecraft mod be without losing your mind to the darkness?

Some "special substances" that may help in either expanding your mind, or to help subside the horrors in it

And some minor things not mentioned above




What Great Old Ones/Elder Gods are in?

So far, only the Yellow King (Hastur) and the Black Goat (Shub-Niggurath) are in. Later (after a 1.16.4 Fabric port) will the Great Dreamer (yes, that is Cthulhu) and the Gate-and-Key (Yog-Sothoth) be added. The Crawling Chaos (Nyarlathotep) may be added later as well, but in a way much different than the above.


How do I summon one?

You must discover the respective rite to do so, however in the current version their summoning (other than commands) is disabled as they are incomplete


Can I kill one?

No, and you never will be able to. If a Great Old One is reduced to a mere boss who exists to be killed for XP and loot for the player, it kinda defeats the purpose, no?


What all will be added?

We have no planned out "release map", but we can say we plan on Deep Ones, Nightgaunts, Elder Things, Shoggoths, and plenty of decorative blocks for all your cursed dungeons, and more.


When will you port to [version]?

We are currently working on a port to 1.16.5 Fabric. It will be a new project.



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