This clientside mod adds a Discord Rich Presence, This will show is you are in the main menu or in Single/Multiplayer. This will support every mod and will use the dimension name provided by the mod itself.

Currently it adds a more beatified name for the following dimension:

- Vanilla dimensions

- Hunting dimension

- Twilight Forest

- RFTools, This will also add the name the dimension got given in the Rich Presence

- Galacticraft: shown planets, moons and even when on a space station


If you want more dimensions to be added please send me a message with the dimension names/modnames and i will take alook to add them



You can use this pack in any modpack you want. Just send me a message with the link to your pack on curse so I can add it to the list.

This mod is currently used in the following packs:

Dungeons, dragons & space shuttles

Antimatter Chemistry

Clever Chemistry





Version 2.0: template JSON

Starting on version 2.0 you can change what gets shown on the dimensionline of the presence.

All the needed info about this can be found here: https://hackmd.io/PTEBzGpmR6iRuMrpQj67Rw?view