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⚠️ MemoryLeakFix is no longer available on CurseForge!

MemoryLeakFix can be downloaded from our official Modrinth page instead.

All mods on this page are outdated!

Modrinth is a new and modern platform for hosting Minecraft mods, which respects both users and authors alike. Modrinth makes it easier than ever to find and download mods thanks to their improved search features, lightning-fast downloads, and purpose-built platform for Minecraft. It also ensures that creators are paid fairly for their work, by giving them 100% of the ad revenue their projects earn -- without making you sit through advertisements to download your favorite mods.

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A mod that fixes multiple memory leaks in minecraft. Both server-side & client-side

For the best performance & memory usage, I recommend using this mod with:

  • lazydfu - Makes startup much faster by not loading DFU until needed, also saves on memory
  • lithium-fabric - The best general performance mod
  • starlight - Re-write of the light engine to be blazing fast

My other optimizations/fixes

More Info

Feel free to contribute to the project!
I'm also fine if you use this mod in your modpacks, just make sure to mention it.

However I don't allow clients or other projects to merge this mod without permission, if you would like to use this mod in your client or another project please contact me.

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