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MDXLib (Minecraft Development Library X) is a new Minecraft mod development library used by the ASX Minecraft Mod Development Team. This library is open source. 



  • Modern GUI Framework
  • On-Screen Notifications
  • Drag-able Pop-up Windows
  • Ore XRAY for server operators and developers
  • Improved Chunk borders
  • Advanced rendering functions and classes
  • Item Renderers
  • Model Animations
  • Wavefront Model Loader
  • Schematic Loader
  • Waveform graphics
  • Weather, Storm, and Climate providers for dimensions
  • Improved Dimension registration and management
  • Reflection shortcuts
  • Common Game resource constants
  • Block, Item, and Entity ID remapping modules
  • Functions for detecting host OS versions and system hardware models
  • Library classes for commonly used functions related to Worlds, Entities, Inventories, Items, Blocks, and more!
  • Fluid material physics and on screen overlays
  • Item Drop objects (Store your item drops as constants!)
  • Save and load custom NBTs in your own file locations!
  • And more...



Integrated Web Server

The integrated web server allows you to retrieve specific system or game information from a client or server via a web browser. For example: Minecraft's RCON and Query features do not allow you to obtain system CPU usage. This is just one of the many stats MDXLib allows you to retrieve. Below are more of the available stats the web server's API provides.


Featured Mods Using MDX

  • AliensVsPredator
  • Starway (Unreleased)


  • Java 8
  • Minecraft Forge

Adding MDX To Gradle As A Dependency

repositories {
    maven {
        name = "aliensvspredator"
        url = ""

dependencies {
    compile "com.arisux:mdxlib:"



  • Do not package MDX with your mod.
  • Do not redistribute