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Good day fellow Minecrafters,


I'd like to introduce you to a mod project I'm currently working on. As a ambitious hobby metalurgist I have semi professional skills in forging iron and making alloys. I'm also quite capable of smelting iron in bloomerys. I'm primarly working with metals under 1.600 °C melting temperature, forging knifes and swords, jewelry and other useless things. I'm also skilled in casting bronze (which is my real passion). I worked with metals copper, tin, zinc, aluminium, silver, lead, iron, manganese, nickel, antimonium and gold. Pretty much anything that doesn't need high temperature heat to melt down the material. I've done tons and tons of experiments to create a dozens of different alloy configurations with different materials. So, what does this has exactly to do with Minecraft you may ask?

The whole "ore and mineral system" in Minecraft is flawed and developed quite simple. Golden Pickaxes? What would they do in reality when trying to mine iron ore with it? Lapislazuli mineral? It'd shatter like glass. Also, I think the whole mining idea has tons of potential, yet all we get is gold, iron, wood and diamond to create tools and weapons from.

So what I'm exactly trying to achieve? Well, I'm trying to get a certain evolution of materials into the whole ore and mineral system. For example, I'd like to introduce copper as meltable metal and one of the first things you'll need to find in order to make appropraite tools and/or weapons. You're not just getting copper from native sources (which will be made very rare), but primarly from minerals like chalcopyrit or malachit. Minerals in this matter will only be in the world to melt metals from them and, exept of rare cases, have absolutely no other purpose. The difference to native metals will be that they are very common in the minecraft world.

I'd also like to introduce a system where you can't just melt iron from putting ore into a oven and heat it with charcoal. Much more power will be needed in order to get iron. Steel will be introduced, in different shapes and alloys, just as bronze and alloys like Nickelsilver and Nordic Gold. Gold and Silver in this matter will not be made to craft tools or weapons from them, they will be used as means of payment for villagers, or just to refine certain items and blocks.

Your job is to make suggestions on how else this could be achieved, and remember, keep it close to the real world. No phantasie metals, no weapons made of chrystals or stone and no golden pickaxes...Posted Image

Bare with me that this will take some time, as I also have a real life, family and job to live.


- 62 new mineral, gemstone and rock blocks, including Granite, Graphite and Cinnabar - 61 new tool and weapon variants (wood, bone, stone, flintstone, copper, bronze, iron, steel, mangan and titan) - 11 new armor variants (canvas, bone, fur, leather, copper, bronze, chain, iron, steel, mangansteel, titansteel) - 68 new item variants, including crucible, mercury bottle, ounces, ingots, gravels and nuggets - 4 new food items: Boiled Egg, Pumpkin Puree, Raw Pumpkin and Baken Mushroom - 4 new healing items (pavement, bandage, splint and zinc ointment) - 15 new Gem types including Saphire, Ruby and Topaz to be used as dyes - lore and antique/medieval friendly metallurgy with realistic pre industrial metal variants and techniques - 2 new fuels (blackcoal, browncoal) - make sticks out of saplings - no longer harvest blocks without correct tools (like in Adventure mode) - all custom creative tab - completely functional configuration file - increased vanilla recipe difficulty - hardcore survival elements - damageable tools and items in crafting recipes - custom furnace type for early Metallurgy

How to install:

1. download latest universal version of Forge (for 1.5.2) and extract to a place of your choice 2. open Minecraft.jar with .7zip or any other .zip/.rar archiver 3. delete the META-INF Folder inside your Minecraft.jar 4. drag and drop the contents of Forge into your Minecraft.jar 5. run Minecraft and let Forge set up the new enviroment 6. download this mod and extract to a place of your choice 7. put the content inside the "PutInMods" folder from this mod, into your .Minecraft/Mods folder 8. start Minecraft ad enjoy


Go here for extended description of the newest version for 1.7.10:


Go here for extendend description of the old 1.5.2-1.6.4 version: