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The mod was originally created by Mapwriter. Original thread


Since he did not update the mod for a long time, I decided to continue the mod.
In game mini map mode (circular map mode enabled in map GUI options menu)
In game full screen GUI.
Zooming out to see the world.


  • In game mini-map for multiplayer and singleplayer.
  • Client side (server does not need to have the mod installed).
  • The areas you explore are saved and can be viewed by scrolling or zooming the map, even when you are in a completely different part of the world.
  • Full screen map GUI. Set waypoints by right clicking, pan map by click dragging, zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Rotating circular mini map mode. Can be enabled in the options GUI.
  • Colours for blocks automatically generated from the block's texture.
  • Support for custom texture packs.
  • Support for blocks added by mods.
  • Biomes now coloured appropriately.
  • Entire map can be written to a PNG image.
  • When in the Nether the mini map shows your effective location in the Overworld. This makes placing portals easier.
  • Underground map mode (vastly improved in 2.0.14).
  • All block colours configurable

For installation instructions, usage instructions, previous versions and more see the main forum post here:
MapWriter on

Source code can be found here:
MapWriter 2 on GitHub