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This mod aims to expand of the concept of totems in minecraft adding new Totems each one with different powers and abilities. These totems will act as magic weapons, in the style of Terraria, and will consume their durability when used.


>Totem of Fire:

This totem will allow the player to shoot fireballs of different sizes (left-click for small fireball, right-click for big fireball) and will give them fire protection when in lava or fire at the cost of durability. This totem can't be used while under water


>Totem of Thorns:

This totem will give the player the ability to summon Evoker fangs in two different patterns like evokers do, at the cost of durability.


>Totem of Beyond:

 This totem will allow the player to teleport in front of them on a long distance (right-click) or in a random location nearby (left-click). Holding this totem while under water or is raining will continually hurt the user instead.



Feel free to use this mod in a modpack, recipes and more should come in the near future.