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Luki's Grand Capitals is a mod for 1.19/1.20 that focuses on completely overhauling the Villager and Illager structures of the overworld with greatly improved builds and loot. Every village is now larger and hosts abundant and useful loot for a survival playthrough.

So far, Every village has been remastered. Along with this, the Pillager Outpost, Witch Hut, and Woodland Mansion have also been remastered. More structures will be made in future updates, including completely custom villages, boats, and dungeons.

This mod is still in its Alpha phase and is missing important features.
Already existing villages are always susceptible to changes.
1/10 villages might generate oddly due to vanilla terrain generation.

Luki's Grand Capitals is not compatible with other village mods that override vanilla village structures.
This mod currently has ZERO mod compatibility with other mods that affect villages (Waystones, Bountiful, etc), it'll come soon. Please refrain from leaving comments about it.



Beta v1.0- Mod Compat for all requested mods, general fixes to every village, new small structures, and more.

Beta v1.1- Pillager Village and Ships.

Beta v1.2- Jungle Village and Illager Dungeons.

Beta v1.3- Witch Village and Swamp Hut Re-Remake.

Beta v1.4- Iceberg Village and Snowy Village Re-Remake.

Beta v1.5- Badlands Village.

Beta v1.6- Meadow Village.

-A Config menu at some point, not sure when.

-New smaller Town variants of existing villages, with Capitals becoming the much rarer variant.

-And more things I haven't listed yet.