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A simple mod to recreate the Luggage entity from OpenBlocks in modern MC versions. 


  • Just like in OpenBlocks, Luggage follows you around and picks up items on the ground and storing them in its inventory. You can open its inventory by right clicking it.
  • Shift right clicking the Luggage will allow you to pick up the entity as an item, allowing you to easily store them away. The inventory, charged state, and name are saved in the item. 
  • Luggage is immortal, so you don't have to worry about losing your items. 
  • If your Luggage gets struck by lightning in some way, it will become charged and double its inventory space. This change is reflected in the texture for both the entity and the item. 
  • Is your Luggage not following you anymore? Did you lose track of where your Luggage ran off to, and it won't teleport back to you? Did it get stuck down in a deep cave and you can't easily retrieve it? Well, look no further than the whistling function! Simply press the whistle key, (bound to ` by default) and as long as Luggage is in loaded chunks, it will teleport back to you. 


Forge builds are labeled as releases, Fabric builds are labeled as betas. This is only so both are visible to everyone.


Please report any issues you may find to the issue tracker (it's linked above). Thank you!