The London Underground

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This Addon is for the Minecraft Transit Railway mod. The latest release requires 3.1 of the Minecraft Transit Railway Mod.


If using Fabric, you will also require Fabric Loader and the Fabric API mod.

If using Forge, you will also require Forge Loader and the Architectury mod.


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(Compatibility for Graphics Cards that cannot support custom fonts)

Custom London Underground fonts are turned off by default. If you want to use the provided custom London Underground fonts in the Passenger Information Displays (PIDS) and/or the station name roundels then you must enable Use MTR Custom Fonts in the Railway Dashboard Options screen. If your game crashes while trying to use any of these items that use the custom fonts, it means your Graphics Card is not capable of using custom fonts in Minecraft and you will need to keep this option turned off to stop Minecraft from crashing.


(Note for Forge users)

If you suffer lighting glitches on the tunnel block faces then set experimentalForgeLightPipelineEnabled to true in the config/forge-client.toml file. This should cure it.


The London Underground addon gives you the tools you need to make your own London Underground line using the power of the Minecraft Transit Railway Mod (which includes both the 1995/6 Tube Stock and D78 Stock trains).


The addon provides blocks to create Tunnels and Stations and station signage. Other great additions include a London Underground themed Platform Information Display and a red/green tunnel signal! There are also some great ambient sound effects to bring your tube stations to life!


A worldedit schematic of an example tube station can be downloaded here.


Station signs are added to itemframes. Place the itemframes behind the platform model (See the Station Panels in the images section). Use the command /panel {panel number} to get a panel (e.g /panel 1) into your hand. Place the panel into the itermframe. Panel items are registered in iron_ingot.json inside the resourcepack folder assets/minecraft/models/item. Panel models for blockbench are inside the panels folder. Textures for the models can found in the assets/minecraft/textures folder. The larger advert sized panels are designed to go on the opposite (track side) of the platforms.


Panel 16 has a blank roundel to be used in conjunction with the Station Name Panel Projection Block.



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