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Litematica - Schematic rendering

Schematic rendering

Litematica - Single layer mode

Schematic rendering in the Single Layer rendering mode

Litematica - All Below rendering mode

Schematic rendering in the All Below rendering mode

Litematica - Schematic overlay

The colored schematic overlay indicating the missing, extra and wrongly placed blocks

Litematica - Material List GUI

The Material List GUI showing the total, still unplaced and available number of items

Litematica - Material List HUD

The Material List HUD, showing the still missing (from the player's inventory) items, reducing the need to re-open the Material List GUI all the time

Litematica - Schematic Verifier GUI

The Schematic Verifier GUI, listing all the mismatches in the world compared to what the schematic expects.

Litematica - Schematic Verifier overlay

The Schematic Verifier overlay, highlighting the currently selected mismatches in-world, and showing the locations of the closest problems on the HUD