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Filename litematica-fabric-1.19.2-0.12.5.jar
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded Oct 12, 2022
Game Version 1.19.2   +1
Size 883.14 KB
Downloads 259,663
MD5 255d49914cfcb37b03a399f132ecfd38
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  • Add support for a few missing multi-item blocks in the Material List overrides (Turtle Egg, Sea Pickle, Candle, Glow Lichen?) (thanks Kosmolot)
  • Fix the World Edit commands using one too many slashes in 1.19+ (thanks Kosmolot)
  • Clean up and fix some task related code - should fix some crashes that can happen if you get kicked or otherwise disconnected while a Paste or other tasks are running
  • Clean up some debug print code
  • Fix an incompatibility with Starlight (missing chunk load notifications, which prevented the schematic from rendering when a chunk (re-)loads)
  • Add config options for the recently introduced behavior of pick block not replacing damageable items in the hotbar, and add a separate option for just ToolItems
  • Add a warning message when pick block can't find any suitable slots to put the item to, instead of silently failing
  • Add an option to insert the sign text from the schematic to the sign edit screen
  • Change the block replace behavior for placements to `With Non-Air`, which allows a bit more sane overlap of placements (But in general overlapping placements or sub-regions is still discouraged, as it leads to other issues like incorrect material list or verifier counts)
  • Paste (commands, = in multiplayer): Fix placing the temporary blocks too far in the NBT restore mode, which made some of them fail to get placed (thanks mms0316)
  • Add/Fix missing conversion of living entities' sleeping position (sleeping villagers in the schematic getting placed to the wrong location in world when they wake up)

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