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Filename litematica-fabric-1.18.2-0.11.3.jar
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded May 8, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +1
Size 875.70 KB
Downloads 343,814
MD5 18b2692796d9a4ecf1b8e34d4ff1f3c5
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Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions


  • Separate the 1.18.2+ "item use packet check bypass" to a separate option. (It should not be tied to any actual feature being enabled, otherwise it will cause issues with multiple mods installed that need it.)
  • If you also use Tweakeroo, then get version 0.13.3 or later of it for the same change/fix. And if you have CarpetExtra on the client, then get version 1.4.72 of it.
  • With these three mods, Litematica will be the one controlling the option, in Generic -> itemUsePacketCheckBypass. There is no need to ever disable that option!

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