This is my first mod and its main feature is giving you a craftable item that strikes lightning where you look.

This mod adds:

  • Lightning Bolt Item - right click to strike lightning where you look (42 durability)
    • Recipe: 3 blaze rods, 2 gold nuggets

  • Fire Be Gone Item - right click to extinguish fire blocks and entities in 10 block radius (1 use)
    • Recipe: 4 splash water bottles, 1 water bucket

  • Lightning Charger Block - right click on this with a lightning bolt item to repair it
    • Recipe: 1 lightning bolt item, 1 diamond block, 3 obsidian

  • Tutorial Pickaxe Item - unrelated item I created while following SilentChaos512's modding tutorials


  1. Download and install minecraft forge
  2. Run Minecraft once to load forge
  3. Download and place this mod's jar file in your .minecraft/mods folder and for forge servers also place in your server's mods folder
  4. Run Minecraft