Lifesteal [Fabric/Neoforge]

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Lifesteal [Fabric/Neoforge]

....is a Minecraft mod inspired by the original Lifesteal SMP plugin where killing other players steals their hearts for your own gain





This mod may be used in any modpack.

This mod needs to be installed on BOTH the SERVER and the CLIENT as it adds new custom content and textures into the game!

Starting from 8.0.0, Forge is no longer supported. Use Neoforge instead. Out with the old, in with the new.

Why should you choose this over other Lifesteal mods?


For one.. almost all of the features in the mod are customizable in the config and can be disabled to your liking



Lose hearts when you die at all, and be able to kill players to gain those hearts back

Upon losing all hearts, whatever is set in the config, you can be banned or set into spectator mode

An entire new ore added that can spawn underground in the overworld and in the nether, which is used to craft multiple items in this mod.

A new crystal item that can be used to draw the path to immortality.

Cores of the crystal that can be used to patch and eat your wounds.

Revive players with a Revive Crystal once they lose all their hearts!

New advancements and challenges to get

New structures to explore

Lore involved in the mod with these structures!

Compatibility with mods that affect your hearts and more!

Useful commands for operators and non-operators! (/ls is the prefix. Set-HitPoints, get-HitPoints and withdraw are our 3 commands)

And most importantly.. this is the only Lifesteal mod that is currently updated occasionally, made to be both on modloaders Neoforge and Fabric, and ported to latest versions of Minecraft!


Ores and Recipes


Ores can be spotted from -50 to 70 y. (In versions below 1.18.2, it's spotted from 12-75 y)

All of these ores can be found in the Overworld, and the Nether.

Recipes can be found with JEI/REI or you can "learn" them from the MC Recipe Book by finding certain items.










 The config is located in the "config" folders in your MC directory or server folder and is named "lifesteal-common.toml".

Example of the config can be found here!



  • # Can I change recipes?
  • You need to use a datapack, KubeJS or CraftTweaker to change recipes.
  • # Does this work with other mods that add hearts?
  • Indeed so! The mod works as expected when other mods add hearts.
  • # What happened to Forge?
  • Starting from 8.0.0, Forge is no longer supported. Use Neoforge instead. Out with the old, in with the new.
  • # My friend was banned and didn't spawn a revive head! What do I do?!
  • You can still unban players using the vanilla command /pardon. When a player is banned for losing all their hearts, the mod gives them all their hearts back beforehand so pardoning a banned/dead player will work perfectly fine as it'll appear to the mod as if the player had never lost all their hearts.


  • Origins can be buggy at times, this is being looked into to be fixed for the near future




Thanks to Kaupenjoe for some of the mod textures and the tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/c/TKaupenjoe

Thanks to bredTxt for the mod icon and the structures.

Thanks to Zophoro for testing.

Mod Textures License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/