[Let's Do] NetherVinery



Welcome to Nether Vinery!




NetherVinery is an Addon all about the Nether for Vinery. It brings new Grape variations, Storage Blocks as well as a few new crafting Blocks - all in the Style of Minecrafts Nether.



Getting started


If you're already familiar with Vinery, you'll quickly grasp the concept of Nether Grapes. However, in the Nether, there are two distinct varieties of grapes known as Crimson and Warped, and they can be found near the Lava Seas. The crafting process for Nether Grapes closely mirrors that of Vinery.


The crafting process for Nether Grapes aligns with what you may already know from Vinery. These grapes, though distinct in their origin, can be harnessed in a similar manner, opening up new possibilities for your adventures in the Nether.



Hopefully, this information proves useful as you embark on your Nether adventures and craft these unique grapes. Enjoy your journeys and have fun!




1.19.2 and above requires Architectury

Architectury Download 


Requires the Let's Do Vinery 

Vinery Download
1.19.2 needs Version 1.3.12+

1.20.1 needs Version 1.4.6+


Requires the Let's Do API

API Download



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