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Adds support for KubeJS to add peripherals to any block.


Both Forge and Fabric are supported (Please check in Files tab since Recent Files will only show the latest entry)




In startup_scripts:


onEvent("computercraft.peripheral", event => {
    event.registerPeripheral("furnace", "furnace")
        //This limits the method to 1 tick/call,
        //as the method is scheduled on main thread.
        .mainThreadMethod("burnTime", (container, direction, arguments) => {
            return container.entityData.getInt("BurnTime")
        //This has no limit on calling,
        //however, the method can't access most of the in-world data.
        //For example, accessing the NBT of a tile entity
        .method("say_hi", (container, direction, arguments) => {
            return "hi, here's your diamond block"