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Keebsz's Battle Towers











Each battle tower can have 9 to 10 floors. As you travel deeper inside, the floors will be more destroyed, but you'll obtain better loot as you progress. Once you are at the end of the tower, you'll encounter the boss.



 Stone Battle Tower

Tower Boss

Resourcepack Used - Project: OverSimplified

Shader Used - Rethinking Voxels


The Bosses:

Each biome has a boss with its own unique texture. When you meet them, they all of three attack patterns.

1. Explosion

2. Fireball

3. Random Teleport

If the Boss is to far from the tower, it will teleport back to the top and to start the fight, attack the boss.



- The .jar file is for both fabric and forge.


Inspiration for this project comes from KODAICHI Classics and AtomicStryker's Battle Towers