Just Enough Resources (JER)

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Filename JustEnoughResources-1.14.4-
Uploaded by way2muchnoise
Uploaded Mar 27, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4
Size 216.13 KB
Downloads 185,691
MD5 3ba6b32e503c3d41100d901e60be7df6
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


[4aa86ba] Most likely resolve #223: don't wipe out generic information for entities. (#224) (GitHub)
[7a854fe] Made plant entries more customizable and compatible, fixes main issue from #213 (#215) (GitHub)
[d076cea] fixes bad location of lang file added in #205 (way2muchnoise)
[6f265a3] Fixed a typo in DungeonRegistry and lang files, fixes a small bug (#216) (way2muchnoise)
[5e2ac12] Create zhtw (#205) (way2muchnoise)
[27b6545] Create FUNDING.yml (GitHub)
[dd0a134] update travis build for 1.14 (way2muchnoise)
[d04c9a4] inital update to 1.14 (way2muchnoise)
[e381bab] porting to 1.13, time to move to 1.14 (way2muchnoise)
[1ca8376] fix villager trades, fixes #190 (way2muchnoise)
[19cda79] switch to openjdk for travis (way2muchnoise)
[58039dd] bump version (way2muchnoise)
[f25ff2c] fix duplicate lang id, fixes #183 (way2muchnoise)
[52718d9] show correct trade level, #165 (way2muchnoise)
[bd44a2a] add more info to exception with villagers, #185 (way2muchnoise)
[4836b9c] prevent recipecategory (un)hiding null pointers, #189 and #181 (way2muchnoise)
[53bcd7c] Allow the plant registry to accept soils. (#187) (way2muchnoise)
[75edca8] fixes #180 (way2muchnoise)
[8a47ab7] update cursegradle (way2muchnoise)
[6208021] add hidding JER tabs, fixes #164 (way2muchnoise)
[36eb3c1] fixes #170 (way2muchnoise)
[e6a2d6b] fix reflection in LootTableHelper (way2muchnoise)
[8b12edc] fixes #171 (way2muchnoise)
[4c8786c] implement block blacklist mechanic for profiling (way2muchnoise)
[3eb975f] rename profile command to jer
profile (way2muchnoise)
[73e4a1b] update deprecated methods (way2muchnoise)
[842d1d5] bump versions (way2muchnoise)
[03334c7] fixes #174 (way2muchnoise)
[3593844] bump versions (way2muchnoise)
[684d755] apply current translation to scissor, fixes #155 (way2muchnoise)
[5968b7a] add mob id to pack dev data option, fixes #157 (way2muchnoise)
[b61d9f1] better Capability handling during ore scan, fixes #152 (way2muchnoise)
[b6b0389] Update zhcn.lang (#149) (way2muchnoise)
[e7ba91e] update mc, forge and JEI version (way2muchnoise)
[46fda6f] add tooltip with average blocks per chunk, fixes #140 (way2muchnoise)
[c039d65] translate some extra words, fixes #127 and fixes #126 (way2muchnoise)
[54bfadc] change jei slug, damned @mezz (way2muchnoise)
[be3c21e] fixes some more issues related to scanning of odd worlds (way2muchnoise)
[b1ba167] update some strings and comments (way2muchnoise)
[ef630e3] bump versions (way2muchnoise)
[d327fa6] Fixes issues with dimension ids that don't match the provider id. (#138) (way2muchnoise)
[534878a] update to gradle 4.0 (way2muchnoise)
[88fe929] Update zh
CN language file (#129) (way2muchnoise)
[040aec0] Updated Russian translation (#128) (way2muchnoise)
[d57c53f] adds profiling blacklist, fixes #123 (way2muchnoise)
[5a8c0e1] prevent crashes when villager professions don't exist, fixes #124 (way2muchnoise)
[911f2fe] bump versions (way2muchnoise)
[739d97f] update to 1.12.2 (way2muchnoise)
[f448a16] clearify license, fixes #121 (way2muchnoise)
[0e2e36e] update to 1.12.1 (way2muchnoise)

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