Jurassic World Reborn Mod

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Filename JurassicWorldReborn-1.12.2-1.2.0.jar
Uploaded by vitiatejwr
Uploaded Aug 26, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
Size 139.82 MB
Downloads 184,263
MD5 c33346fad23c1002d7c14e4c44fe5f84
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Jurassic World Reborn 1.2: Gentle Giants


->Added Diplodocus (Skin variants)
->Added Ankylodocus (Skin variants)
->Added Camarasaurus (Skin variants)
->Added Baryonyx Remodel (Skin variants)
->Added Indoraptor Remodel (Skin variants)
->Added Brachiosaurus Remodel (Skin variants)
->Added Apatosaurus Remodel (Skin variants)

->Added Ankylosaurus Remodel (Skin variants)
->Added Incubator remodel
->Added tracking dart recipe
->Increased attack speed of Rugops
->Increased attack speed of Indoraptor
->Decreased size of Ceratosaurus
->Fixed Variants changing colors when world was restarted or reloaded
->Decreased Parasaurolophus size
->Increased Parasaurolophus eating animation speed
->Increased damage for Spinoraptor
->Fixed Dodo fossils not spawning
->Decreased Baryonyx baby size
->Decreased Apatosaurus size
->Decreased Dreadnoughtus size
->Decreased Brachiosaurus size
->Decreased Mamenchisaurus size
->Fixed Deinotherium skull texture (fossilized)
->Tyrannosaurs Death pose & timing fixed
->Spit sound added to Dilophosaurus
->The visual glitch with weapons is fixed
->Added JEI compatibility with DNA Extractor
->Fixed Sharks constantly attacking players

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