Jurassic World Reborn Mod

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Filename JurassicWorldReborn-1.1.1-1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by vitiatejwr
Uploaded Jun 15, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
Size 123.31 MB
Downloads 57,287
MD5 67b5e6920a0fae874cec43ce9b989251
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



->Added Spinoraptor


->Added Dreadnoughtus Remodel


->Added Rugops Remodel


->Added Ceratosaurus Remodel


->Fixed Shark Spawning


->Added back Tracking Dart system

->Fixed Tracking Dart Crash

->Fixed PaleoPad GUI

->Updated Tracking system

->Added Advanced Tracking methods (Named Dinosaurs to appear on client-side; tracked entities appear when close to them; coordinates appear of creature


-> Fixed Marine Creatures not being able to eat from the feeder
-> Fixed Suffocating Flying entities.
-> Decreased the Health and strength of the Indoraptor
-> Decreased the health of Indominus

->Fixed Skeleton Recipe for Guanlong and Sinoceratops
->Fixed Dreadnoughtus Skeleton not Registering Skeleton Model
->Fixed Helicopters only having client-side animation
->Fixed Deinotherium fossils being impossible to locate
->Fixed Guns not properly displaying sound
-> Male Mosasaurus texture fixed
-> Increased Quetzalcoatlus health and decreased its attack damage from 20 HP to 10 HP.
-> Fixed the Titanis Ticking Crash
-> Fixed Dimorphodon eyelids
-> Increased Flock Speed of the Gallimimus
-> Fixed Pteranodon egg model
-> Fixed Pteranodon eyelids
-> Fixed Edmontosaurus eyelids
-> Fixed Hypsilophodon eyelids
-> Fixed running speed of Microraptor
-> Fixed Oviraptor eyelids
-> Increased walking speed of Gallimimus
-> Fixed Postosuchus eyelids
-> Fixed Segisaurus eyelids
-> Fixed Therizinosaurus eyelids
-> Started aquatic natural spawning fix = In progress
-> Fixed John Hammond Mural size

Additional Files

Type Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads Actions
JurassicWorldReborn 1.1.1-sources.jar 122.17 MB Jun 15, 2021
JurassicWorldReborn 1.1.1-javadoc.jar 4.04 MB Jun 15, 2021

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