Jurassic World Reborn Mod

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Filename JurassicWorldReborn-1.1.0-1.12.2 .jar
Uploaded by vitiatejwr
Uploaded Feb 2, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 116.78 MB
Downloads 66,141
MD5 73901ee6cd862792dfe21805308c67c6
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


->Suchomimus Size Increased
->Baryonyx Speed Decreased
->Crash from Tracking Darts fixed
->Alligator Gar Size Increased
->Carcharodontosaurus Speed Decreased
->Leptictidium Hopping Fixed
->Protoceratops mass breeding Fixed
->Added Portuguese Brazilian Translation
->Added Spanish Spain Translation
->Added Spanish Mexico Translation
->Added Bulgarian Translation
->Dunkleosteus skeleton Position fix
->Hypsilophodon Hopping Fixed
**->Quetzalcoatlus Remodeled**
->Parasaurolophus Skeleton recipe Fixed
->Brachiosaurus Herding Sizes Accuracy Fixed
->Chasmosaurus Skeleton Recipe fixed
->Dimorphodon Skeleton Recipe Fixed
->Indoraptor Skeleton Recipe Fixed
**->Raptor Squad Hybridizer Fixed**
->Raptor Squad fossilized Texture Removed
->Mammoth Fossils are now locatable
->Mammal Baby sizes Increased
->Mammoth Size Increased
**->Attack interval decreased**
**->Added Arsinoitherium
->Added Megatherium
->Added Smilodon
->Added Elasmotherium
->Added Deinotherium
->Added Raphus Rex
->Added Titanis
->Added Snow Ford Explorer**
->Fixed Geneticist Career (selling Display Blocks)
**->Fixed Smelting for Raw Shark and Crabmeat**
->Added Dreadnoughtus running animations
->Added John Hammond Mural
**->Added Smilodon Attraction Sign with and without plants
->Added Cenozoic Park Attraction Sign with and without plants**
->Fixed Cultivator crash
**->Cultivators now display creatures within them**
->Triceratops Skeleton Recipe Fixed
->Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Recipe Fixed
**->Attack leaping added back to the velociraptor
->Attack leaping added back to raptor squad
->Attack leaping added to the achillobator**
->Velociraptor Speed Increase
->Velociraptor Squad Speed Increase
->Achillobator Speed Increase
->Tyrannosaurus Speed Increase
**->Added Shark Spawn**
**->Fixed Dinosaur Natural Spawning**
**->Added Bullet Sound**
**->Added Bullet Recipe**

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