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Filename jei_1.12.2-
Uploaded by mezz
Uploaded Dec 26, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
Size 606.13 KB
Downloads 318,026
MD5 ae6d0e6e873ef6c20f41097dc7fee8c6
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Current release

  • Update sv_se.lang (#1441)
  • Update de_de.lang (#1443)
  • Minor improvement for Brazilian Portuguese localization (#1440)
  • Improve English localization (#1434)
  • Improve German translation (#1438)
  • Update fr_fr.lang (#1433)


  • Fix #1202 Modded enchanted books are incorrect (#1402)


  • Move some specially-handled ItemStack cases into the vanilla plugin
  • Organize ingredients into subfolders
  • minor cleanup


  • Add support for anvil recipe left side being a list (#1419)
  • Updated Polish translation (#1421)
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1427)
  • Update ja_jp.lang (#1428)
  • Fix handling mouse input in config guis
  • Fixes for live-updating gui exclusion areas


  • Add API to allow utility mods to set areas where JEI should not draw
  • Update ru_ru.lang (Bookmarks) (#1418)
  • update(pt_BR) add bookmark strings (#1416)
  • Fixes for cleanup
  • Minor cleanup
  • Add a Bookmarks list to the left side of the screen (#1408)
  • Fix #1405 Center search bar not centered after toggling overlay
  • Get better error information from ErrorUtil#checkIsValidIngredient and ClickedIngredient creation
  • Pass a null player to getTooltip (#1388) Some items display useful information in their tooltips and it should not be shown in JEI since the item needs to be crafted to get the info normally.
  • Update zh_cn.lang (#1377)


  • Add a hook for getting the hovered ingredient in the recipe gui (#1374)
  • Update to latest stable MCP mappings


  • Close #1298 add API method for hiding recipe categories


  • Small optimizations to startup time
  • v4.12.1
  • Fix #1355 Stopwatch is not reset when measuring plugin method execution time
  • Update uk_ua.lang (#1348)
  • Fix broken info recipes


  • Use IIngredientType instead of raw ingredient Classes
  • Improve performance of adding strings to a Suffix Tree (#1329)
  • Catch and log crashes from IRecipeRegistryPlugins instead of crashing
  • Update MCP version
  • update(pt_br) Minor fixes (#1317)
  • Update zh_tw.lang (#1308)
  • Simplify ingredient focus code
  • Add more information when a rendering a recipe ingredient crashes
  • Use singletonList for single subtypes
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1286)
  • update ja_jp.lang (#1285)
  • Updated Polish translation (#1282)
  • update(pt_BR) maxRecipeGuiHeight (#1284)
  • update ja_jp.lang (#1283)


  • Fix handling clicks in modded gui exclusion areas
  • Add config for the max height of the recipe gui
  • Fix shapeless icon glitches on small gui scales
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Add IDrawableBuilder
  • Move tooltip debug and formatting into MinecraftForge-specific class
  • Fix #1275 Prioritize showing relevant categories first when in a crafting gui
  • Update pt_BR lang (#1280)
  • Updated Polish translation (#1273)
  • Fix spacing between search field and config button
  • Fix support for adding/hiding recipes at runtime
  • Remove accidental file


  • GUI refactor. Draw borders around recipes. Recipes GUI scales to screen height.
  • Fix #1245 Ghost ingredient dragging continues after gui is closed, causing issues
  • Fix #1186 Ghost items from JEI overlap items held on the player cursor


  • Bump version to 4.9.2
  • Close #1184 Allow recipe category buttons to wrap between first and last pages
  • Fix #1217 unhide recipes if they are added again
  • Fix #195 Simplify ingredient hiding, allow un-hiding individual ingredients.
  • Use FastUtil instead of Trove
  • Fix recipe errors when there is a null ingredient in a display rotation
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1240)
  • fix(pt-BR) "item list" to "ingredient list" (#1241)
  • Update ru_ru.lang (#1242)
  • Chang "item list" to "ingredient list", to make it consistent (#1236)
  • Update Polish translation (#1237)
  • Fix #1238 Mod Name drawn for recipe tabs when disabled
  • Filter out hidden ingredients from recipe rotations where possible
  • Add missing localization keys to lang files to make them easier to update
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1230)
  • Update pt_BR.lang - Fix CTRL/CMD key localization (#1229)
  • Fix CTRL/CMD key localization for the new cheat-mode tooltip
  • update (pt-BR) (lang) (#1228)
  • Remove unused localization key
  • Update ru_ru.lang (#1227)
  • Show JEI config button when ingredient list is hidden
  • Fix #1224 Add better support for old IIngredientRenderer tooltip implementations
  • Fix implementation of deprecated IRecipeRegistry methods #1217
  • update lang pt-BR (#1220)
  • French lang update (#1219)
  • Update es_es.lang (#1213)
  • Fix #1215 Crash when getting ItemStack rarity for tooltip
  • Update Polish translation (#1211)
  • update ja_jp.lang (#1206)
  • Fix #1203 Duplicate fuel entries for items with multiple oredict names
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1201)
  • Update pt_br:lang (#1199)
  • Update ru_ru.lang (#1196)
  • Fix issues with items that crash with FluidSubtypeInterpreter
  • Fix #1197 Truncate long recipe category titles so they fit in the gui


  • Add built-in IDrawable for drawing basic ingredients
  • Fix #1192 Fix hiding ingredients at runtime without a resource reload
  • Add "Recipe ID:" prefix for advanced tooltip on recipe outputs


  • Hide recipe categories when all their crafting catalysts are hidden
  • Fix #1161 Empty Recipe Screen shows when all recipes in category are hidden
  • Fix in-game changes to blacklist and hidden ingredients


  • Fix #1145 Blacklist not re-applying after Resource Reload
  • Fix resource reload listener in main menu
  • Protect against wildcard items in the creative menu
  • Show full recipe registry name on advanced tooltips for crafting recipes
  • Update README on Github (#1157)
  • Fix #1095 remove maxSubtypes restriction for displaying items
  • Updated Ukrainian translation (#1139)
  • Fix recipe lookups for enchanted books on servers
  • Fix #1129 JEI responds to R and U keys when config gui is open
  • Fix #1128 Prevent crashes when creating anvil recipes for broken Items
  • Create tr_tr.lang by RoCoKo & Emirhangg (#1112)
  • Use latest Forge getValuesCollection instead of getValues (#1113)
  • Depend on latest Forge version to allow JEI to crash properly
  • Fix crash with JEI Villagers and Primitive Mobs
  • Improve zh_tw translation (#1102)
  • Updated Russian translation (#1105)
  • Update Polish translation (#1103)
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1101)
  • Add config for maximum width of the ingredient list
  • Fix Error Info for null fluids
  • Boolean to ignore set restriction when transferring recipe items. (#1068)
  • Update pl_PL (#1092)
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1090)
  • Update ja_jp.lang (#1089)
  • Improve error message when a recipeHandler.getRecipeWrapper fails
  • Update zh_cn.lang (#1073)
  • Improve tooltip message when item can't be crafted in player inventory
  • Fix #1077 packet handler issue with latest Forge (
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1070)
  • Fix #1066 Item Hiding Mode not working with mouse clicks
  • Use ClientConnectedToServerEvent instead of EntityJoinWorldEvent
  • Check for disabled brewing recipes using a BrewingRecipeRegistry#hasOutput (#1065)


  • Close #953 Hide item from client if it doesn't exist in the server
  • Only subscribe to ClientTickEvent when needed
  • Update Polish translation (#1062)
  • Fix #1055 Crash when searching using OR(|) operator


  • Prevent duplicate ingredients in the list when using an | (or) search
  • Add support for GuiScreen and for dragging ghost items
  • Cleanup
  • Updated Russian translation (#1054)
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1053)
  • Improve detection of other mods that add mod names to tooltips
  • Fix mouse-pickup when in the creative inventory gui


  • Close #1051 Use hotkeys to spawn to hotbar slots
  • Fix wrong type on new methods, fix IngredientSet.removeAll


  • Help performance for mods adding and removing items
  • Fix #1050 Messages in "inventory" give mode always logs items as "air"


  • Version 4.8.1
  • Cheat items to the mouse, like the creative menu. (with config option)
  • Updated Russian translation (#1049)
  • Close #749 Log better recipe information for broken recipes
  • Add settings for probot-stale on github
  • Fix #1048 visual issue with JEI Description recipes for FluidStacks
  • Fix #1046 Can?t use mouse button for key bind
  • Fix #1038 Fix client crash when Minecraft language is null
  • Throw exception if some JEI API methods are called from the wrong thread
  • Fix #1037 Rendering issues with mods that reuse baked models for items
  • Fix #1037 Rendering issues with mods that reuse baked models for items
  • Close #820 Exclude search words using - (minus) before a word
  • Fix duplicate items when they are added by a mod at runtime from the API
  • Use simpler Table and MultiMap instead of Guava's
  • Update sv_se.lang (#1028)
  • Add Discord badge to README on Github
  • Fix a bug where recipes could be shown in the wrong category
  • Update zh_cn.lang (#1021)
  • Fix ability to hide recipes from the API
  • Fix #1011 Fluid itemstacks are not visible


  • Use new Forge item.getCreatorModId feature
  • Improve item rendering optimizations
  • Fix #999 Improve mod name tooltip detection


  • Add ISlowRenderItem to let advanced mods skip JEI's render optimizations
  • Improve rendering performance of ItemStacks in ingredient list
  • Fix missing mod name on tooltip for non-ItemStack ingredients


  • Close #964 Move crafting recipe info to the output item's tooltip


  • Update for 1.12.2
  • Fix #932 Make mod name tooltip format match with other mods that add it
  • Improve startup logging
  • Fix showing multiple category tabs for mods using IRecipeRegistryPlugin
  • Fix #988 Stop showing oredict recipes when an ingredient isn't available
  • Fix division by 0 crash from invalid fuels in the fuel registry.
  • Clarify API for ISubtypeInterpreter (#983)


  • Add API to hide and unhide recipes


  • Close #981 API request: get recipe category in recipe layout
  • Allow recipe categories to return the ModID or Mod Name for the tooltip
  • Update dependencies, add explicit support for 1.12.1
  • Cleanup
  • Fix crash when removing ingredients at runtime
  • FIx minor GL issue with fluid rendering while holding an item
  • Fix item hiding mode so it updates hidden item in-game
  • Remove ingredient lookup memory


  • Version 4.7.5
  • Fix ingredients with subtypes missing from the ingredient list
  • Fix scrolling the item list when mouse is in the gaps between elements
  • Fix some minor OpenGL rendering issues
  • Fix filter text appears blank until the filter box is selected
  • Fix #967 Fix graphical issues with recipe animations


  • Added separate overlay draw call to IRecipeLayoutDrawable
  • Fix #963 Filter curser always jumps to the end when you type
  • Add logs for some unhandled cases


  • Deprecate adding and removing at runtime, MC1.12 does not support it
  • Fix recipe transfer tooltip not updating when the language changes
  • Fix #309 Use default textures instead of vanilla's with a texture pack applied


  • Cleanup
  • Use new FluidUtil method for getting universal buckets
  • Update Forge and MCP
  • Fix #934 Crash when looking up ingredients in ExU2 Indexer
  • Load tooltips early again, since vanilla does it in 1.12
  • Only show the recipe's name if advanced tooltips are on or shift is held
  • Improve placement of the recipe info icon
  • Add info icon to show which mod added a crafting table recipe
  • Update Forge and MCP
  • Update gradle to 4.0
  • Fix next/previous page localization
  • Update ja_jp.lang (#921)


  • Update Forge and MCP
  • Fix rendering by guis that do not draw the default background FIx #914
  • Update Forge and MCP


  • Update for Forge registry change


  • Do not auto-blacklist broken ingredients
  • Fix displaying items that have no creative tabs
  • Update Forge and MCP
  • Update cursegradle plugin
  • Fix #905 Crashes on crafting recipes with no ingredients
  • Fix #895, re-add support for oredict strings for IStackHelper functions
  • Update to latest Forge
  • Revert "Skip over broken creative tabs". Fix #894 This reverts commit e2ac7687212fb961347ca07cd1e943a31d97c523.
  • Increase the default value for maxSubtypes from 100 to 300 # Conflicts: # gradle.properties
  • Clean up imports
  • Clean up crafting recipe wrappers
  • Fix up CraftingRecipeChecker
  • Use default methods for the API where appropriate
  • Fix default implementations of IIngredientRenderer.getTooltip
  • Refactor logging
  • Skip over broken creative tabs
  • Rely on new vanilla inventory behavior instead of #690
  • Clean up using Java 8 features
  • First 1.12 update with real Forge
  • Initial compile on 1.12
  • Minor cleanup
  • Fix ingredientFilter#setFilterText


  • Organize API better, use more general ingredients instead of ItemStack
  • Hide maxSubtypes from the in-game config gui (it requries a restart)


  • Add back the progress bars for adding and indexing ingredients
  • Version 4.4.1
  • Block items with too many subtypes from being added to the item list
  • Use the game's locale for toLowercase where needed
  • Cache tooltips to file
  • Remove broken recipe layouts instead of displaying a blank one.


  • Refactor ingredient list search. (#878) Improve performance on config reload. Improve performance of add/remove ingredients at runtime. Add unit test for add/remove ingredients at runtime. Load tooltips and colors at runtime, remove fake world and fake player. Fix #785 unable to reload item filter at runtime Fix #843 Color search not working Fix #828 Unable to search for EMC tooltips
  • Made unique identifiers care more about wildcard metadata
  • Fix #870 Config loading crash
  • Fix #863 Crash when looking through recipes (tooltips)
  • Further reduce memory pressure during startup
  • Fix tooltip searching
  • Auto-reformat code
  • Move legacy API handling to LegacyUtil
  • Reduce memory pressure during startup
  • Automatically config-blacklist broken ingredients when detected
  • Add finer startup time logging
  • Lower required Forge to stop reports from people with recommended forge


  • Fix #855 add method removeIngredientsAtRuntime
  • #842 avoid loops in potion steps calculation
  • Improve null checks


  • Add method to create brewing recipes #834
  • Fix #837 search text is always lowercase
  • Update MCP mappings
  • Fix IRecipeRegistry#removeRecipe #833
  • Add more log info to LinkageError exceptions during item rendering


  • [API] Add methods to create smelting and anvil recipes (#819)
  • Fix ingredient history going to a blank page if a mod is removed
  • Fix #817 JEI can't be enabled if it was disabled when the game started
  • Loosen the restriction on adding an empty collection of recipes to JEI
  • Update required Forge to to fix loading screen lag
  • Update zh_TW (#811)
  • Fix #810 JEI SessionData not updating when connecting to vanilla server
  • Prefer using /give when possible on vanilla servers
  • Support Creative Inventory Action on vanilla servers Close #343 (#807)


  • Add search filter for resource ids, Implements #202 (#806)
  • Use page up and page down to scroll pages (#804) Close #200
  • Fix #797 Recipe transfer tooltip can be drawn under other elements
  • Fix #795 Crash on dedicated server at startup
  • Fix getRecipeWrapper to use existing ones when they already exist
  • Create crash report instead of logging severe render errors
  • Fix #792 keyboard inputs are broken after window resize
  • #791 Catch and log LinkageErrors from plugin initialization
  • Color small button icons to match the ones on large buttons


  • Add method for setting an ingredient background drawable


  • Deprecate IRecipeHandler, fix methods for handling recipes by category
  • Fix gui key handling bug introduced in refactor
  • Move JEI API into separate source set
  • Reorganize project structure
  • Refactor Ingredient List to allow multiple modes


  • Add IItemListOverlay#hasKeyboardFocus method
  • Fix #770 Anvil recipes show some invalid recipes
  • Fix #769 support AbstractBrewingRecipe with uncraftable potion input


  • Fix #764 Empty ItemStack Crash when looking up items
  • Improve look of small buttons
  • Minor cleanup
  • #764 Add extra validation for focus parameters


  • Fix #766 Crash when looking at broken Anvil recipe
  • Add API for handling cheating in custom ingredients
  • #764 Add earlier checks for empty ItemStacks
  • Use icons for button labels instead of text (better for unicode)
  • Move recipe category tab arrows up to their own buttons (show more tabs)
  • Prioritize lookups to show categories handled by the currently-open gui


  • Make all ingredients in a recipe cycle with the same offset
  • Add ingredient lookup memory to remember where players were last looking
  • Cleanup
  • Do not focus on recipe crafting category items, show them all
  • Add IRC link to README
  • Fix #728 Properly report items given by JEI, for server admins


  • Add method to create smelting recipes at runtime
  • Cleanup formetting
  • [1.11] Update de_de.lang (#740)
  • Check that plugin's IRecipeHandler.getRecipeClass() is valid
  • Fix a null ItemStack issue in TooltipRenderer
  • Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
  • Add support for anvil recipes (#732)
  • Fix #731 Client crash in render while looking at recipe from Reliquary
  • Fix TickTimer implementation


  • Close #729 add IRecipeCategory#getTooltipStrings
  • Fix #727 Recipes issues in previous commit
  • Fix crash from empty categories that have recipes added by CraftTweaker
  • Refactor itemListDisplay
  • Refactor ItemListOverlay
  • Close #650 Add support for searching with quotes around terms with space


  • Version 4.2.4
  • Fix cursor held item and player inventory craft items desyncing when opening RecipesGui (#690) * Fix cursor held item and player inventory craft items desyncing * Fix opening config causing desync Fix accidental cheat mode item deletion if RecipesGui is open with held item * Fix misdisplayed item delete tooltip
  • Fix #702 Item deletion with recipe transfer
  • Update required Forge to
  • Fix recipe transfer for items that take damage and have subtypes
  • Update Forge and mcp


  • Fix #697 Deprecate ICraftingRecipeWrapper
  • Fix #692 Missing item overlay glitch when stack size is greater than 1
  • Add recommended travis settings from yueh
  • try to fix travis ci script
  • try to fix travis ci script
  • try to fix travis ci script
  • add a .travis.yml to try to test travis ci
  • Make Show Recipes area in player inventory smaller (to avoid misclicks)
  • Fix PlayerRecipeTransferHandler not seeing last 4 slots in inventory
  • Fix item list click-through with Simple Achievements book
  • Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in player transfer handler
  • Catch ExceptionInInitializerError from plugins


  • Add IRecipeRegistry.removeRecipe to the API, disable reload()


  • Add IngredientBlacklist
  • Update fi_fi.lang (#675)


  • Update uk_UA.lang (#666) Fixed typo
  • "update" for 1.11.2
  • Update sv_se.lang (#673) Updating the translation and adding the new strings
  • Improve search algorithm (use Generalized Suffix Trees)


  • Fix 1.11 subtype interpreter for liquid-holding items
  • Fix searching by modId
  • Remove progress bars for ingredients (it was making load time longer)


  • Fix edge case of fluid containers with subtypes being mashed together (#663) * fixes issue reported to EnderIO https://github.com/SleepyTrousers/EnderIO/issues/3906 (cherry picked from commit ac236dca54e23402b2ed336f8dda1ddd3b655eb2) # Conflicts: # src/main/java/mezz/jei/SubtypeRegistry.java
  • Minor code cleanup and stricter API argument checking
  • Rename lt_LT.lang to lt_lt.lang (#657)
  • Fix #656 IRecipeLayout#setRecipeTransferButton() does not work
  • Add better logging for broken crafting recipes
  • Update build status README badge to point to 1.11


  • Version 4.0.5 first Beta for 1.11 on recommended Forge
  • Fix #634 Add a way for JEI to ignore key inputs
  • Update to latest Forge and MCP
  • Fix implementation of focus override


  • Add API to override the displayed focus of a gui ingredient group


  • Version 4.0.3
  • Fix interfering with keys for disabled (read-only) text fields
  • Make IModRegistry.addRecipes take a Collection
  • Make IModRegistry.addRecipes take a Collection


  • Add ICustomCraftingRecipeWrapper


  • Add IStackHelper.containsAnyStack and isEquivalent to the API
  • Lithuanian language added (#636)
  • Update zh_TW.lang (#631)
  • Update zh_CN.lang (#630)
  • Protect against crashes in plugin's isRecipeValid call (#632)
  • Relax item checking when deleting items in cheat mode (#624)
  • Fix #621 Add tab button sounds
  • Fix #610 Blank description category
  • Fix #629 Properly detect when GuiTextField are focused
  • Log a stack trace when restarting JEI
  • Update ja_JP.lang (#622)
  • Update ja_JP.lang (#619)
  • Protect against mods reloading JEI from the network thread (#607)
  • Use IdentityHashMap for the uid cache used for startup
  • Create uk_UA.lang (#605)
  • Update Forge and MCP


  • Use IdentityHashMap for HashMaps with unique keys
  • Close #617 Add a way to add ItemStacks to JEI during runtime
  • Close #616 Add simpler default init method for IGuiIngredientGroup
  • Fix #614 ICraftingGridHelper does not support custom ingredients
  • Close #543 Enable Showing the Shapeless Icon on Custom Shapeless Recipes
  • Close #398 check the container instance in IRecipeTransferInfo
  • Update MCP to 1.11 names
  • Fix #626 Crash after new Forge Ore Dictionary binary changes
  • Fix missing localization
  • Fix API javadoc


  • Add support for creating drawables with custom sized textures


  • rename assets to use all lowercase
  • Fixes for "Use null focus instead of having focus mode NONE"
  • Update to 1.11
  • Fixes for "Use null focus instead of having focus mode NONE"
  • Remove incorrect nullable annotation
  • Use null focus instead of having focus mode NONE
  • Remove deprecated or unused internals
  • Misc cleanup
  • Remove remaining deprecated methods
  • Fix broken JavaDocs
  • Remove deprecated methods in IGuiIngredientGroup and related
  • Remove deprecated methods form ICraftingGridHelper
  • Remove deprecated methods from IRecipesGui
  • Remove deprecated methods from IRecipeRegistry
  • Remove deprecated INbtIgnoreList and INbtRegistry
  • Remove deprecated IItemRegistry
  • Remove deprecated recipe wrapper, handler, and category methods
  • Make IIngredients outputs a List<List>> (#554)
  • Allow chat messages up to 256 chars for vanilla /give command (#554)
  • Convert ModId to lowecase (#554)


  • Version 3.13.3
  • Fix text field search history (up arrow)
  • Fix #601 One key press causes a double movement of the text cursor
  • RU: Improve search config options (#600)
  • Set ingredient list to the first page when toggling edit mode
  • Revert "Allow mods to refresh ingredients when their tooltips change" This reverts commit ba905dfb97a2e1c05e369a35c213c2d68a914e11.
  • Allow mods to refresh ingredients when their tooltips change
  • Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
  • Speed up building the item filter on reload (#551)
  • Fix #598 Cheat keybind not updating GUI config
  • Improve search config options
  • RU: Added "Mod Name Format, Control Keys, Smelt Count,..." (#597)
  • Improve mod name tooltip config and allow disabling
  • Allow configuration of mod name tooltip
  • Close #470 Automatically disable cheat mode if it is not permitted
  • Add more error checking to ingredient rendering (#581)
  • Fix #582 Item List Visibility Toggle requries opening a new gui
  • Close #575 Add support for AbstractBrewingRecipe
  • Update zh_CN.lang (#577)
  • Update zh_TW.lang (#578)
  • Use localized string for tooltip error
  • Fix #579 Crash on item tooltip
  • Update 'Description' tab icon (#576)
  • Fix crafting item overflow on the left side of the recipes gui
  • Improve tooltip gathering
  • Fix #573 Crash on middle clicking an inventory when JEI is hidden
  • Fix #572 crash on reloading JEI
  • Fix input handling issues on GUIs with advanced GUI handlers
  • Breaking fixes for the new getIngredientUnderMouse feature (#536)


  • Close #536 Expose "itemstack under mouse" internal API
  • Close #105 and #439 Support Recipe Rendering via the API
  • Revert "Log gradle timings per task (debugging build server times)" This reverts commit e48af13c372de0f1859b4593348b60d143b8e253.
  • Refactor for nonnull fields
  • Refactor itemListOverlay for better null handling
  • Close #285 Expose registered recipe transfer handlers through API
  • simplify RecipeGuiLogic slightly
  • Add percentages to the loading progress bars (#561)
  • Fix #564 Missing textures


  • Add recipe category tabs
  • Deprecate the redundant drawAnimations methods
  • Draw recipe category crafting items on the left side
  • Fix #563 Catch and log errors from broken item.getItemModelWithOverrides
  • Fix #558 Crash from progress bar on JEI reload
  • Fix #558 Crash from progress bar on JEI reload
  • Fix #538 Long load times with splash screen, vsync, and certain mods
  • Remove DebugItem
  • Fix #553 Improve stability of tooltip gathering at startup.
  • Remove DebugRecipeRegistryPlugin
  • Minor cleanup
  • Fix input handling of recipes opened directly from the API
  • Fix reloading for CraftTweaker & Crafting Harmonics #537 #547
  • Brazillian portuguese translation (#541)
  • Close #259 Support recipe tranfer to player 2x2 inventory
  • Move JEI loading to FMLLoadCompleteEvent
  • Update README with link to Developer WIki
  • Simplify README


  • Version 3.13.0
  • Load plugins during postInit
  • Remove getItemListForModId
  • Remove config to hide items with missing models. 1.8+ is no longer as new and buggy as it was before.
  • Fix JavaDoc #534
  • Fix #530 Log ItemBlacklist errors when an itemstack has a null item
  • Greek minor fix (#526)
  • Make item list buttons work better with vanilla texture packs


  • Version 3.12.8
  • Create he_IL.lang (#524)
  • Allow searching mod names without spaces
  • Catch and log crashes from broken getSubBlocks (#518)
  • Completely translate to Koraan (#522)
  • Log gradle timings per task (debugging build server times)
  • Fix #319 Incorrect tooltip in item list edit mode on Mac
  • Added greek translation (el_GR.lang) (#516)


  • Catch and log tooltips that would crash
  • Bump version
  • Fix #513 Shift-[+] can result in lost items on restricted inventories
  • Add better handling for recipe transfer into restricted slots
  • Minor cleanup
  • Fix missing mod name on items with names that match the mod name
  • Update MCP and Forge
  • Added polish (pl_PL) translation (#514)
  • Add ar_SA.lan (#515)
  • Update de_DE.lang (#481)
  • Italian lang (#512) Translated mod in Italian, adding it_IT.lang file
  • Add en_AU translation (#510)
  • Add back missing search config keys for cs_CZ localization
  • Fix a missing nullable annotation


  • Bump version
  • Reformat code and javadocs
  • Reload ItemList after config changes instead of reloading everything
  • Organize the JEI startup code
  • Add back the search options
  • Protect against ItemStack crashes in ErrorUtil logging (#500)
  • Protect against more ItemStack crashes (#500)
  • Update ErrorUtil for printing errors by using the new ingredient methods
  • Protect against more ItemStack crashes (#500)
  • Fix #500 Crash from broken itemStacks
  • Add log to detect broken ingredient registration (#500)
  • Add log times for sending the runtime to plugins (#498)


  • Bump version
  • Fix #493 Prevent race condition where JEI gets loaded twice
  • Update sv_SE.lang (#499) Added the new smeltCount strings and fixed a typo
  • Defend against crashes from recipes (#488, #491, #497)


  • Add "universal" recipe transfer helper for mods with auto-crafting
  • Clean up missing nullable and deprecated annotations
  • Update mod examples in README


  • Bump version
  • Fix the item subtypeRegistry
  • Update MCP mappings
  • Ctrl-Click the config button to toggle cheat mode
  • Small fix to allow looking up similar items with IRecipeRegistryPlugins
  • Fix #473 Keep recipe category items in order of registration


  • Bump version
  • Stop intercepting clicks at the top of tall GUIs (#476)
  • Fix recipe transfer when connected to a server (#476)
  • Fix #475 Item list not responding to keyboard inputs


  • Fix #472 item blacklist loading. Small refactor to reduce global state.
  • Allow IGuiIngredientGroup.set(null) to make implementation logic easier
  • Add more startup time logging to help diagnose issues
  • Catch more crashes during recipe registry startup (#455)
  • Fix #468 Cheating mode is not working in Survival on Servers
  • Update ja_JP.lang (#466)
  • Close #451 Show "Smelts # items" for furnace fuels
  • Fix a crash in ErrorUtil from other broken mods (#464)


  • Close #203 Add IRecipeRegistryPlugin for full control of recipe lookups
  • Delete translation keys for config options that were removed
  • Fix item descriptions not showing all the item variations
  • Fix #463 Unable to transfer recipes that have a null ingredient
  • Create cs_CZ.lang (#452)
  • Add brewing step information for modded potions
  • Try to make IGuiIngredientGroup.set(IIngredients) work for more cases
  • Deprecate IGuiIngredientGroup.setFromRecipe


  • Add type-safe methods to ICraftingGridHelper
  • Add a singular "setInput" method to IIngredients
  • Fix item list highlight OpenGL issue
  • Match vanilla highlight code exactly
  • Fix some items disappearing when highlighted in the item list
  • Fix #445 Make cheat mode respect canceled give CommandEvents
  • Fix #194 Allow null in item rotations
  • Fix #454 Crash when viewing all recipes


  • Prevent returning null from IIngredients


  • Close #282 Allow non-item/fluid ingredients. BIG BIG BIG refactor
  • Fix recipe lookups for filled fluid containers
  • Create zh_TW.lang (#447)
  • Fix Readme badge hyperlink
  • Make the Build status badge style match the others
  • Rearrange Readme badges
  • Add fancy Curse badges to the Readme
  • Add Iron Backpacks's JEI integration to ReadMe examples (#446)
  • Fix recipe handlers for recipes that inherit from vanilla recipe classes
  • Create sv_SE.lang (#440)
  • Create ja_JP.lang (#441)
  • Update ru_RU.lang (#442)
  • Move background texture strings to Constants
  • Fix #444 Crash from color search tooltip
  • Update ru_RU.lang (#435)


  • Bump version
  • Add package annotations for default Nonnull, fix up inspection warnings
  • Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE to include note about FEI


  • Bump version
  • #433 Stop the ItemList's base list from unloading under memory pressure
  • #433 Prevent log spam from Color Search


  • Add an API method to get the filtered item list from IItemListOverlay
  • Simplify github ISSUE_TEMPLATE
  • #391 Fix recipe lookup for creating basic banners
  • Fix #429 Crash when a recipeCategory is missing


  • Bump version
  • Fix #428 Recipe transfer not working


  • Fix #419 Recipe transfer to brewing stand unbrews potions
  • Split the BasicRecipeTransferHandler into client and server-side parts
  • Bump version
  • #419 Fix off-by-one issue with transferring recipes in the brewing stand
  • Get ModName from items more efficiently
  • Use ForgeRegistries instead of the Block and Item ones
  • Fix a broken javadoc
  • Defend against some more common modded item crashes
  • Update zh_CN.lang (#425)


  • Bump Version
  • Display multiple Recipe Category Crafting Items at the top
  • Add better null check for Recipe Category Crafting Item registration


  • Bump version
  • Close #111 Add config option to center the search bar
  • Change "Config" tooltip to "JEI Config"
  • Log plugin load times in milliseconds instead of seconds
  • Remove a couple never-used config options


  • Bump version
  • Add hotkey to toggle item cheating mode
  • Close #301 When viewing a recipe, disable cheating items
  • Fix a bug that changes the NbtTagCombound of the original ItemStack if it has capabilities (#423)
  • Prevent ForgeCaps from being set with zero size (#421)
  • Add Bulgarian Localization (#406)
  • Create a proper SubtypeInterpreter for potion items
  • Create es_ES.lang (#400)


  • Close #393 Support Java 6
  • Update issue template to include NEI feature spreadsheet


  • Close #388 Provide ItemStack context in drawHoveringText calls
  • Fix drawing order of the recipe transfer tooltip again
  • Update ru_RU.lang (#386)


  • Add generics for RecipeTransfer API
  • Fix #284 Improve recipe transfer error messages
  • Fix drawing order of the recipe transfer tooltip


  • Update Forge
  • Fix documentation typo
  • Minor cleanup of previous commit
  • Fix arbitrary item creation and server freeze vulnerability


  • Fix #375 Fix lookup of fluids in recipes when clicking them
  • Update Forge


  • Fix #374 Crash from broken error message on startup


  • Automatically differentiate fluid container items
  • Fix #327 ISubtypeRegistry cannot be used for damageable items
  • Improve API documentation


  • Fix #362 NoClassDefFoundError realmsclient/gui/ChatFormatting


  • Add ItemList stack highlighting from API
  • Update ru_RU.lang (#359) * Update ru_RU.lang * Update ru_RU.lang


  • Fix #358 Protect against crash from broken smelting recipes
  • Update README
  • Add better logging for startup crash #352
  • Fix subtype registry documentation


  • Fix #347 API Filtering does not properly set the itemlist to page 1
  • Fix subtypes for items with empty NBT tags (#346)


  • Fix #344 Add config to hide player skulls (on by default) to prevent lag
  • Fix #199 Correctly restore Keyboard.areRepeatEventsEnabled
  • Fix #340 Allow creative-mode players to cheat in items
  • Update ru_RU.lang (#338)
  • Fix #336 Change text for "Crafting Table" recipes to "Crafting"


  • Fix crash when using filter text and the ItemListOverlay is not open


  • Update for Minecraft 1.10.2
  • Minor cleanup
  • Exclude broken brewing recipes


  • Fix #328 Render fluids in tanks using alpha
  • Update Forge
  • Update README for the new JEI API jar


  • Fix API references to internal classes, add API jar
  • Close #196 Add access to Focus in IRecipeLayout
  • Update for Minecraft 1.10


  • Fix #300 Add support for Chinese character input


  • Fix hotkeys not working after resizing screen with a recipe open
  • Fix "back" logic bug when moving between recipes of different sizes
  • Update ru_RU.lang (#317)


  • Fix cheating in items with capabilities


  • Fix differentiating items that use capabilities
  • Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md


  • Bump version
  • Update README example links
  • Improve error messages
  • #310 Add better crash message when getting a null bakedModel


  • Fix #298 BasicRecipeTransferHandler ignores slot stack size limit
  • Fix #308 "+" button does not work on servers


  • Make IRecipeCategory generic to remove the need to cast recipeWrappers
  • Remove 1.9 tag from Curse uploads
  • Register resource reload handler later, to let mods reload first


  • Make sure helpers are cleared when reloaded
  • Add INbtRegistry to use instead of INbtIgnoreList
  • Stop potions from being looked up as water containers
  • Show item NBT in error messages
  • Set item list to page 1 when searching
  • Fix #191 Page number can go out of bounds when scrolling back
  • Move debugItem to its own config setting separate from debugMode
  • Fix #306 update required Forge version


  • Close #209 Add support for recipe classes used for multiple categories
  • Use FluidUtil to detect fluid in an ItemStack
  • Improve error messages and plugin logging
  • Update Forge


  • Close #270 Stop logging errors about empty lists in oreDict recipes
  • Log errors when someone adds a null CraftingRecipeItem in the API


  • Fix #177 Fix #277 Use custom give command when installed on the server
  • Tweak changelog formatting
  • Update Forge
  • Fix a potential bug when using DebugItem


  • Show red "Cheat Mode" text on Config-Wrench tooltip when enabled
  • Fix #274 only reload when necessary (not when toggling cheat mode)


  • Fix #280 JEI disabling keyboard repeat ability in Command Block GUI
  • Close #299 allow registration of extra gui areas from multiple sources
  • Create changelog automatically from git commits


  • Update ForgeGradle
  • Update Forge version
  • Update zh_CN.lang (#281)
  • Update accepted minecraft versions to allow 1.9.4
  • Minecraft 1.9.4: update Forge and MCP mappings
  • Update README to include API examples from 1.9 mods
  • Create nb_NO.lang (#269)
  • French translation file for the mod (#268) * Added French translation * Added french translation


  • Bump version
  • Allow recipes of height 60px (standard tank height) to fit two-per-page


  • Fix #263 Show recipes that use a crafting category item first


  • Bump version
  • #204 Fix render when multiple items are registered for crafting category
  • Fix OpenGL colors bleeding into other elements


  • Improve the look of the crafting item tab at the top of the recipes gui
  • Close #204 Add recipe lookup for what an item can craft.
  • Revert "Add API jar creation + maven uploading (#258)" This reverts commit f5fd42094c4580fdf6bf9c1559f891a32283d958.
  • Add API jar creation + maven uploading (#258)


  • Updated Gradle for local build
  • Update to latest forge and MCP Snapshot 20160421


  • Bump version
  • Add better error checking and logging for invalid recipes


  • Fix Recipes Gui not always showing "Show All Recipes" tooltip properly
  • Close #255 API to open the Recipes Gui for items, fluids, and categories
  • Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md


  • Bump version
  • Close #252 Add indicator icon for shapeless crafting recipes


  • Stop gui from moving when effects are active and item list is open
  • Use better stack info for logs


  • Bump version
  • Add better error catching and logging


  • Bump version
  • Fix #238 tooltips from getTooltipStrings are drawn below other assets


  • Bump version
  • Fix #242 Unable to open JEI config from main menu


  • Fix #240 Update to latest Forge
  • Update required forge version


  • Update for new Forge keybindings with modifiers


  • Use RenderItem.renderModel for item list instead of copying the method


  • Fix #231 Filter not updating when set from API


  • Update to use newer Registry methods


  • Force exit on exceptions during startup to stop Ticking entity exception.


  • Fix for Forge registry changes


  • Fix #227 "+" button is in the wrong place


  • Improve loading performance.


  • Update for improved tooltip methods in Forge.


  • Update for improved tooltip methods in Forge.


  • Update for Forge


  • Close #220 Make wrench icon red when in cheat mode


  • Bump version


  • Bump version
  • Close #219 Improve Broken Recipe Reporting


  • Bump version
  • Fix #217 catch errors from unregistered itemStacks on start


  • Bump version
  • Fix #217 catch errors from unregistered itemStacks on start


  • Check item model overrides for crashes before adding to item list
  • Fixed more ItemOverrides


  • Fix item rendering for items with item state overrides.


  • Fix #51 Make compass and clocks useless in item list and recipes
  • Cleanup
  • Set hasSubtypes on vanilla items that are missing it
  • Revert "Try to detect subtypes on items that do not set hasSubtypes (potions)" This reverts commit 0d686ebd8ca5756fb73a8444113691f94880252b.
  • Use official forge
  • Fix fast item list rendering
  • Add tipped arrow recipes
  • Try to detect subtypes on items that do not set hasSubtypes (potions)
  • Fix potion recipes
  • Remove deprecated API methods
  • Update for 1.9


  • Do not open JEI on guiContainers that have no inventory


  • Make recipe errors easier to debug


  • Fix startup crash when getting sub-items from broken item.
  • Fix startup crash when getting items from broken creative tabs.
  • Remove "issues closed in ___ hours" badge, not that useful
  • Update README with a couple status badges


  • Fix #190 Creative tab search does not work correctly for all tabs
  • Fix #189 Allow drawing tooltips when there is no currentScreen set


  • Improve startup times when there are many broken items


  • Fix #185 crash logs with 'java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity'
  • Fix #184 Fix crash when mods have null items in their creative tabs
  • Add github issue template


  • Fix #181 Setup RecipesGui in initGui instead of setWorldAndResolution


  • Fix #173 Allow recipe types to be specified by interfaces
  • #179 Make search option names more clear
  • Close #169 Save search filter text between restarts per-world
  • Close #164 Show JEI description pages last


  • Fix support for custom item tooltip fonts in the item list


  • Fix server error when filling crafting area


  • Clean up API, simplify IModPlugin to have fewer methods


  • Fix #170 IItemListOverlay.setFilterText does not update text field
  • Fix #174 Held ItemStacks are rendered behind the hover highlight
  • Fix #172 Smelting EXP text extends past the right edge of the recipe


  • Fix #171 Item List does not resize when recipe view is open
  • Update Blood Magic URL in README
  • Update changelog


  • Add feature to search items by color (config option)
  • Use html in changelog


  • Update changelog
  • Get items from creative tabs for better compatibility with custom tabs
  • Add changelog.txt


  • Fix #165 [+] button does not work on items with NBT that is ignored
  • Add more ignored vanilla NBT tags


  • Close #161 Add $ Ore Dictionary and % Creative Tab Name search


  • Remove old recipe transfer api since it was accidentally broken anyway


  • Allow multiple recipe click areas on a GuiContainer
  • Update README


  • Fix some item subtypes are missing from the item list


  • Fix #156 visual glitches when cheating items with the recipe view open
  • Only allow cheating items from the item list, not recipes view


  • Fix "back" function for recipe navigation


  • Simplify In-Game Config, save some options in per-world configs


  • Close #100, Close #120 Allow blacklisting an entire mod's items
  • #100 save item blacklist to separate file (JEI-itemBlacklist.cfg)
  • Remove nbtKeyIgnoreList from config (not used or necessary)


  • Close #150 sort item list by Mod Name


  • Close #153 Show accepted oreDict on tooltip for rotating items in recipe
  • Fix #149 Show description recipes when using U as well as R


  • Load after minecraft.thePlayer has been set
  • Fix item list paging while searching
  • Add developer FAQ and Plugin Examples to README


  • Fix cheat mode "delete items" does not respect gui tab areas


  • Fix #148 Divide By Zero when Panel is hidden


  • Close #119 API to define areas that guis might intersect with item list
  • Better error checking for subItems and subBlocks


  • Close #88 Close #142 API for search bar and getting hovered item stack


  • Fix #145 TC Aspects show through on Recipes gui


  • Fix #141 long loading time when gathering tooltips that require a player


  • Add tooltip search


  • Unify item list button sizes, add click sound


  • Fix #139 hide the debug setting, give it a better description


  • Ignore NBT on items that have no subtypes


  • Close #134 Show vanilla categories first
  • Close #136 Add Shift+R to lookup uses


  • Fix #133 Unable to edit search query when there are no results
  • Updated fi_FI.lang


  • Close #81 add clickable gui areas to jump to a machine's recipes
  • Close #126 Configurable Keybind for previous recipe pages
  • Unfocus the search bar when enter is pressed


  • Close #65 Shift-click the [+] to move many sets of items
  • Fix furnace recipe transfer handler putting items in wrong slots
  • Fix gray text on recipes changing to black when a tooltip is on screen
  • Fix #99 Item transfer handler misreporting missing items


  • Fix #130 Crash from lambda obfuscation issue in ItemModels
  • Add curseforge integration for jenkins


  • Fix #109 stop log spam and crashes from modded item models crashing
  • Add API support for adding clickable buttons in recipe wrappers
  • Fix size of highlight on hovered ingredients
  • Fix nullability of IStackHelper.toItemStackList
  • Fix API documentation for init on recipe ingredients
  • Better null checking for IStackHelper in the API


  • Fix a crash on small screens with large GUIs


  • Add IStackHelper to API
  • Prevent localized caches from becoming out of date


  • Fix #107 Items with wrong damage value in item list


  • Fix #115 Crash when holding shift and viewing recipe


  • Fix F2 is blocked when search field is focused


  • Fix creating itemstacks in the item list with wildcard metadata
  • Reduce log size from getUniqueIdentifierForStack exceptions
  • Fix OpenGL issue with rendering item list next to modded GUIs
  • Fix #69 Fix recipe lookup of items with meta or damage and no subItems
  • Use shift to stop item rotation.


  • Close #112 Remember if item list overlay has been disabled, add config
  • Update de_DE.lang Minor changes based on wlhlm's response
  • Fix #86 Drawing Order Issues with Tooltips (requires latest forge)
  • Improve item cheating config description


  • Fix #106 Many Sub-Items not showing in Item List
  • Clean up suppressed unchecked warnings from 1.8


  • Preserve stack size when expanding item subtypes
  • Fix #101 Damage bars are missing from items in the item list
  • Avoid reloading when game stops
  • Add more API warnings for NbtIgnoreList
  • Cleanup and reduce log spam


  • Add a way to ignore specific NBT on specific items


  • Fix #95 Item hover overlay is being rendered behind the items.
  • Fix #83 Recipe & Use appearing when using vanilla's Creative Search Menu


  • Fix #98 crash when looking up recipe for empty fluid containers


  • Fix rendering recipes that have textures with alpha
  • Fix broken version number
  • Add tooltip callback for item and fluid recipe ingredients
  • Fix missing import
  • Add method to reload JEI in the API
  • Close #84 Add recipe tooltip method
  • Cleanup, remove deprecated API methods, match 1.8 and 1.8.9 versions #s


  • Fix #85 Item list does not adapt to Potion effects when gui is open
  • Fix missing import
  • Change Millibucket notation
  • Update German translation
  • Update ru_RU.lang
  • Update Finnish translation
  • Close #74 Disable Item List if the open GUI is too large
  • Add conveneince function for adding description to a single ItemStack


  • Bump version
  • Add better diagnostic message for broken recipes Conflicts: gradle.properties


  • Bump version
  • Add better diagnostic message for broken recipes
  • Fix JEI not starting in some cases


  • Fix item tooltips rendering under tanks
  • Add checks to help debug item errors


  • Fix cheat item command on server with very large NBT


  • Fix cheat item command on server with very large NBT
  • Bump version
  • Fix a crash when opening GUI


  • Allow wildcard hiding of different-nbt items in edit mode


  • Fix item list items overlapping search bar
  • Allow wildcard hiding of different-nbt items in edit mode


  • Improve debugging and error messages
  • Close #79 Detect fluid from fluid block stacks
  • #79 Fix up openGL blending
  • #79 1 allow displaying fluids without capacity in the tooltip
  • #79 2, 3, 5, fix tank overlays having the wrong color
  • Add better debugging for tanks
  • #79 4 Ensure tiny amounts of fluid in tanks are still visible


  • Render tank overlays even if there is no fluid
  • Fix non-square hovering highlights


  • Prevent crash when rendering fluids with no sprite


  • Update for Minecraft 1.8.9
  • Do not reload JEI when disconnecting from world/server


  • Bump version


  • Bump version
  • Close #55 delete items from cheat mode (requires server)
  • Improve search performance on crazy-huge packs
  • Close #61 Config option: Search for mod name without @ in front.
  • Allow multiple searches by using | character
  • Fix #53 Recipe Gui Title goes black when Thaumcraft Arcane Bore is shown
  • Update README
  • Update German translation


  • Fix rendering for some ISmartItemModels
  • Handle /give for items with very long dataTags


  • Fix rendering of ISmartItemModel items


  • merge v1.11.0


  • Bump version
  • Find more sub-items
  • Cleanup


  • fix build
  • Close #70 Allow custom container logic when "+" button is pressed
  • Fix recipe transfer
  • Cleanup


  • Cleanup
  • Fix edit-mode rendering
  • Cleanup / refactoring
  • Clean up API to depend on using IModPlugin. Add errors for API misuse
  • Fix crafting recipes with itemstacks of 0 size
  • Add some fluid tanks in debug mode


  • Fix command sender name
  • Add some fluid tanks in debug mode
  • Update Forge


  • Bump version for first Release
  • Close #62 Add "description pages" for items
  • Remove unused tooltipModName translation keys
  • Cleanup
  • Close #57 Add fluid rendering and fluid searching
  • Extend German translation


  • Fix rendering for 1.8.8


  • bump version
  • Fix #66 NPE on world reload
  • Close #64 keep search history (use up and down keys)
  • Experiment with faster item list rendering


  • bump version
  • Close recipe GUI when config changes
  • Keep item filter text after changing config


  • bump version
  • Make compatible with Java 7


  • Improve FPS in the item list
  • Close #59 Add recipe animations
  • Fix fuel recipe transfer helper
  • Make code more similar between 1.8 and 1.8.8 versions


  • Fix JEI blocking backspace in creative tab
  • Make "hide missing item models" a config option instead of always on
  • Add enchanted books
  • Reload stuff when the config changes


  • Allow JEI to run client-only, without recipe transfer
  • Fix NPE when changing config in-game
  • Fix NPE when changing config in-game


  • bump version
  • Remove mod name tooltip.


  • bump version
  • Highlight missing items when hovering over the recipe transfer button
  • Use arrows for Back and Next buttons in Item List
  • Enable JEI in item list creative mode
  • Less cramped item list, bigger buttons, center items vertically


  • Add config button to GUI, improve config, improve localization fallback


  • Only allow wildcard blacklising for items with subitems (no point to)
  • localize the new tooltips, limit tooltip line width
  • update readme
  • Display config category for addons in the in-game gui
  • bump version
  • Add config category for JEI addon mods to use
  • Add config button to GUI, improve config, improve localization fallback # Conflicts: # src/main/resources/assets/jei/lang/zh_CN.lang
  • Update zh_CN.lang
  • Remove misc forge MDK txt files


  • update forge


  • bump version
  • Save recipe viewing history, go back with backspace
  • Make "all recipes" click area smaller
  • Center the item stack list in the available space next to the gui
  • Fix bottom row of items is hidden when item page is slightly past full


  • Bump version
  • Set focused item from a rotation based on request type (input/output)
  • Ignore empty recipe categories
  • Add recipe width and height to drawInfo for easier text alignment
  • Use error log instead of FMLLog.bigWarning (stack trace is already huge)
  • Combine IRecipeCategory.init and IRecipeCategory.setRecipe This will allow recipes with variable number of inputs to layout well
  • Update readme to include using ATs from JEI with gradle
  • Add support for Version Checker ( 1.8 or 1.8.8 )
  • Fix a bug in handling oreDict recipes


  • bump version
  • Fix NPE when resetting item filter cache
  • Log exceptions correctly (with stack trace)
  • Reset item filter cache when the item blacklist changes
  • Add NBT ignore-list to the API
  • Add a way to ignore classes of unhandled recipes
  • Fix #52 tooltip errors on bukkit/spigot
  • Add getItemListForModId(String modId) to IItemRegistry
  • Fire RecipesGuiInitEvent instead of firing a duplicate GuiInitEvent
  • Allow removing items from the blacklist
  • Tidy up config
  • Allow the InitGuiEvent for the RecipesGui
  • Change "loaded plugin" to "registered plugin"
  • add "Loaded plugin" console message
  • Make server-side API useless instead of crashing
  • Experimental: allow adding new recipes while the game is running
  • update license date
  • Fix #50 Remove permissions check and rely on /give behavior


  • Change mod registration to allow extending it in the future
  • Fix mod version
  • Spread out the potion layout more
  • remove warning about not handling VanillaBrewingRecipe
  • Fix #48 Clicks are not blocked from underlying GUI
  • Use getCanonicalName instead of magic string


  • #49 Defend against NPE on Spigot/Bukkit servers
  • Fix multiple mod names in tooltip after relogging
  • Open recipes for current gui first if it has a recipe transfer helper
  • Fix bug with recipe transfer for modded crafting tables
  • Add back patch version
  • Use Major version zero for the JEI API version, according to semver
  • bump version, remove patch version since it's basically added by jenkins
  • formatting


  • Only close item overlay when the GUI is actually closed This fixes problems with GUIs that ignore the esc and 'e' keys
  • bump version
  • Close #2 Easily hide items/blocks from JEI (Edit Mode, API, and config)
  • improve config name for "Add Mod Name to Tooltip" option
  • Close #44 click recipe category title to view all recipes
  • Split furnace recipes into fuel and smelting
  • Improve the look of fuel recipes, add padding ability to backgrounds


  • bump version
  • Fix crash in 1.8 when cheating items
  • Use an annotation to load plugins at FMLModIdMappingEvent (thanks cpw)
  • Add potion support
  • Update ru_RU.lang
  • Move fuel "burn time" string down, to vertically center it more
  • Ctrl-F focuses search bar
  • Fix #46 Require Control to be pressed to toggle item list overlay
  • Only close item overlay when the GUI is actually closed This fixes problems with GUIs that ignore the esc and 'e' keys (cherry picked from commit ec1fd2a249a0a427980b39718f069d8dcc2f8e8e)
  • Fix config defaults becoming too big when using blacklist


  • bump version
  • Fix missing items in item list
  • Add checks to recipe transfer to make sure slots can be altered
  • Add a good default location for the recipe transfer button


  • Add a configurable NBT key blacklist


  • bump version
  • Add a configurable NBT key blacklist


  • Update to latest Forge


  • bump version
  • Fix client crash
  • Fix #4 Fix #43 Add support for recipe transfer-to-crafting-area feature
  • tidy ItemStackElement
  • improve doc
  • modularize widgets, rename things with "ingredient" as a concept
  • Make mod name tooltip italic


  • Fix #41 Crash when an item in an itemStack is null
  • Add more fluid handling infrastructure
  • Fix startup issue when there are no selected recipe categories
  • bump version
  • add more support structure for liquid handling
  • Fix usage and recipes hotkeys on recipes gui
  • Remove duplicate categories in recipe list
  • fix method name


  • update README.md
  • reformat gradle


  • bump version
  • Close #37 Search by mod name/id
  • Prevent displaying recipes that are invalid
  • update project settings
  • Fix item list missing items that initialize their rendering late
  • add maven upload support, source & javadocs jars for developers no deobf jars are needed with FG2+
  • Fix #38 add scroll wheel support for recipes and item list
  • Fix #39 search bar should unfocus after clicking an item
  • fix cheat mode behavior when inventory is full


  • Minor cleanup
  • Fix scrolling direction
  • Do a better job of getting an item's mod name
  • Fix recipe lookup issue with wildcard metadata
  • bump version
  • Stop JEI from loading multiple times when reloading a world
  • Unfocus the search box when you click away anywhere
  • Cut down on debug log spam


  • Add mod names to item tooltips (with config option to disable)
  • add maven upload support, source & javadocs jars for developers no deobf jars are needed with FG2+ (cherry picked from commit 4282aa7ffd20328f55b5f798d1c550776a40b523)


  • Fix #36 Crash With Butterfly Mania installed
  • Fix logging
  • bump version
  • Cleanup GUIs all around: - Fix lighting errors throughout - Add item highlights - Fix buttons being cut off and uncentered - Add a background to the headers on the recipe GUI - Change the color of the header text on the recipe GUI (cherry picked from commit 6147a96240664a9bf564e8a00c9d9198f3ae174c)
  • Fix item cheating function for 1.8 (cherry picked from commit 9746cdf4f2a1582e7ee8520d54beaf42ffbd82ed)
  • include gradle-wrapper.jar


  • bump version
  • Cleanup GUIs all around: - Fix lighting errors throughout - Add item highlights - Fix buttons being cut off and uncentered - Add a background to the headers on the recipe GUI - Change the color of the header text on the recipe GUI
  • Fix item cheating function for 1.8
  • include gradle-wrapper.jar


  • Update to Minecraft 1.8.8


  • minor cleanup
  • Begin fluid support
  • Rename RecipeGui to RecipeWidget
  • Enable repeat key events (holding a key down, like backspace)
  • Fix typing in chat getting picked up by hotkey handler
  • Unfocus the search bar when clicking away
  • Update to recommended Forge


  • Fix the 'O' hotkey to toggle item overlay
  • Fix creative mode gui handling
  • Update to ForgeGradle 2.0 and Forge
  • Fix large tooltips being drawn under other recipes
  • Fix vanilla recipes that require itemStacks with size > 1
  • Exclude items that can't be rendered
  • Add right-click to clear search box
  • Fix items with wildcard metadata and no subitems showing no texture
  • Fix #23 Update mouse and keyboard handling for new Forge
  • Fix too many recipes being drawn per page
  • Update for 1.8
  • Organize imports, minor cleanup
  • Simply getRecipeClass now that we have isModLoaded()
  • Prevent exceptions from broken tooltips
  • Add basic support for forestry fabricator #26
  • Rearrange furnace files
  • Move mod loaded check to IModPlugin
  • Fix hover text displaying under info text
  • Use GuiUtils instead of extending Gui
  • Fix error message
  • Refactor to combine IRecipeGui and IRecipeType into IRecipeCategory
  • Cleanup
  • Make RecipeRegistry more immutable
  • Remove duplicates from recipe types list
  • Cleanup
  • No real need to expose the furnace recipe types since they're built-in
  • Clarification in ItemFilter
  • Use ImmutableLists
  • Use Guava to simplify and improve the ItemFilter
  • Simplify RecipeMap by using Guava collections
  • Add Forestry Centrifuge recipes
  • API Tweaking
  • Big refactor to break code into plugins by mod
  • Fix #27. Show recipe types in a consistent order
  • Rename IRecipeHelper -> IRecipeHandler
  • Close #24. Refactor mouse and keyboard, add hotkeys
  • create StringUtil
  • Clean up math
  • Groundwork for #24. Requires GuiScreen keyboard events in Forge
  • Improve recipe item detection
  • Add support for forestry crafting table recipes
  • Organize, preparing for plugins
  • fix access transforms
  • fix issue with GameData registry ID changing
  • lock down some classes to package-local
  • Organize file structure
  • Make crafting implementation more independent, more reliant on API
  • Fix mouse click positioning bugs in GUIs
  • imports cleanup, more use of final and private
  • Split up RecipeTypes and RecipeGuis
  • Rename EnumRecipeType -> EnumRecipeTypeKey
  • rearrange file structure a bit
  • Make IRecipeType more internal, move recipe backgrounds to types
  • Add IRecipeWrapper, combine similar guis
  • Fix bug when selecting items with no recipe
  • Fix #25. refactor IRecipeGui into IRecipeGuiHelper
  • Use IGuiItemStacks in API rather than IGuiItemStack
  • Fix 2-wide crafting recipe display
  • refactor to use GuiItemStacks
  • Make use of Collections.singletonList
  • remove hasRecipe from IRecipeGui
  • Use existing resource backgrounds
  • Add more type safety. Add Nullable and Nonnull annotations
  • #10 Add Fuel Recipes
  • Keep focusStack naming consistent
  • Tidy up GuiItemStack public/private and @Override
  • #10 Add vanilla smelting recipes
  • finalize some fields, minor cleanup
  • Clean up RecipeRegistry
  • Expose IGuiItemStack in the API for convenient GUI implementation
  • Check recipe's superclasses when finding their recipe helpers
  • rearrange files
  • Categorize by types of recipe instead of recipe Class
  • Show more recipes when there's enough screen space
  • move .cfg to META-INF folder
  • Fix issue when finding recipes for a stack of multiple of an item
  • Cleanup code
  • Remove unused class
  • Add recipes
  • Rename Defaults to Constants
  • Use Access Transformers rather than reflection
  • Improve item detection
  • Clean up GuiItemStacks, allow multiple item stacks
  • Updated fi_FI.lang
  • Created fi_FI.lang Finnish translation for JEI
  • Create ko_KR.lang
  • Fix #20 Reflection fails under obfuscated environment
  • rename GuiEventHandler's overlay to itemListOverlay
  • Creates Defaults file for constants
  • Rename GuiContainerOverlay to GuiItemListOverlay
  • Create ru_RU.lang
  • Create zh_CN.lang
  • Remove references to buttonList
  • Make key binding category name from the Mod ID and Mod Name
  • Update de_DE.lang
  • Add key bindings for recipes. #10
  • Close #14: Option to turn off cheating items
  • Add key binding to toggle overlay on and off
  • Fix alignment of Next button
  • Prevent typing more characters when the search already returns 0 items
  • Close #11. Add search box
  • Don't attach item buttons to existing GUI
  • Update Forge
  • Start button IDs at a higher number to avoid conflicts
  • Make sure page count doesn't overflow on window resize
  • Make layout more flexible, tooltips don't have gaps between icons
  • Close #12 Add tooltips when hovering on an item
  • Scrap container wrappers and use an overlay
  • Update forge, add more mod info
  • #8 wrap brewing stand
  • #8 wrap creative inventory
  • Move GuiWrapperManager
  • #8 add furnace wrapper
  • Generalized the construction of gui wrappers
  • Added item list overlay for chest and crafting table
  • Update README.md
  • Register recipes
  • Create de_DE.lang
  • removed accidental doubling of adding the nbttagcompound
  • Get more items, include nbt variations in subitems and subblocks
  • log tries to format nbt data strings and crashes
  • successfully /give items with long nbt tag data
  • don't give items if inventory has no empty slots
  • remove unused imports
  • Add MIT License
  • save page number when gui closes
  • Localize strings
  • Clickable icons, /give items
  • Fixes to paging
  • Add next and back buttons to scroll through items
  • Initial grid of items drawn on screen next to inventory
  • Make test changes to the inventory screen
  • Fresh project
  • Initial commit