ItemModelTransformer allows interactive editing of display transforms for item models. Existing transforms can be loaded and the modified transforms can be exported as JSON or as a code snippet for datagen with NeoForge's ItemModelProvider and ItemModelBuilder. To modify the transforms of a model, the item using said model must be held in the main hand.

The default keys for interacting with the editor are as follows:

  • Enable/disable editor: I
  • Show/hide usage: H
  • Previous category: up arrow
  • Next category: down arrow
  • Previous element: left arrow
  • Next element: right arrow
  • Increment: numpad +
  • Decrement: numpad -
  • Clear values: C
  • Load values from held item: L
  • Copy JSON "display" block to clipboard: P
  • Copy datagen code snippet to clipboard: G

The step size of increment and decrement can be changed by holding the following keys:

  • Inc/dec by 10: Alt
  • Inc/dec by 0.1: Shift
  • Inc/dec by 0.01: Control
  • Inc/dec by 0.001: Shift + Control

This mod is heavily inspired by TheGreyGhost's ItemTransformHelper