*** This mod is a SINGLEPLAYER ONLY mod! It does not work on servers. ***


My modjam submission for MCreative MCreator Discord Server.


Scattered around the Overworld are Nightmare Tomes, these tomes grant the player the ability to transport themselves to the Nightmare Zone. Inside this zone is a huge corn maze filled with terrifying monsters and deadly traps. You must make your way through this maze to the end, claiming your reward and drink the Goblet of Blood to transfer yourself back to the waking world. Along the way make sure you don't accidentally run into any of these monsters because once they lock their eyes onto you... they will never stop chasing you. No matter how far and fast you run.



  • Michael Myers
  • Jason Vorheez
  • Chucky
  • The Grudge
  • Ghostface
  • Freddy Krueger

Rare Special Rewards:

  • Michael's Mask - A very strong piece of armor
  • Chucky Doll - You can hold the doll and command him to stab are your target
  • Jason's Machete - A very strong weapon


What If they catch me?: If you're unlucky enough to run into one of these guys and get caught you will be teleported back to the start and they will return to their original position.