Instant Blocks


By wiredboy27 (v1.6.5)


This is the Forge version. Click here if you're using Fabric


This mod adds 'Instant Blocks' to the game. These blocks could be obtained from crafting, dungeon chests, village chests, etc. Each block generates a different structure upon right-clicking on the block with an Instant Wand.

Instant Blocks

Instant Wooden House:

Creates a small wooden house.

Instant Mining Ladder:

Creates a mining ladder down to a configurable layer.

Instant Glass Dome:

Creates a glass dome with a configurable size.

Instant Farm:

Creates a small farm with wheat/carrots/potatoes/beetroot.

All rates are configurable.

Instant Rainbow Skydive:

Creates a full height colored structure with a configurable size.

Instant Grinder:

Creates a mob grinder, specifically for zombies or skeletons.

Instant Pool:

Creates a swimming pool.

Instant Escape Ladder:

Creates a ladder to the surface.

Can only be activated underground.

Instant Water:

Fills in an air pocket with water.

Instant Lava:

Fills in an air pocket with lava.

Instant Suction:

Sucks in all liquid blocks around it.

Instant Rail:

Creates a configurable amount of rails going forward.

Instant Statue:

Creates a statue of any Minecraft player.

Includes options to exclude body parts.

Uses proper RGB values, but has an option to use vanilla Minecraft wool colors as well.

Instant Harvest:

Harvests renewable resources around the player in a configurable radius.

Allows to exclude certain resources, as well as replanting.

Instant Light:

Lights up dark areas around the player in a configurable radius.

Instant Schematic:

Generates structures from schematic files.

Instant Huge Tree:

Generates a tree with a configurable size.


Feel free to use this mod in your modpack.