Created using Immersive Engineering 1.16.5-5.1.0-148 and Forge 36.2.35


Immersive Geology aim's to improves the ore processing experiences, these improvements are aimed to reflect the processing used in real life. To achieve this goal Immersive Geology adds new Ores, Items and Multiblocks.

Immersive Geology is however primarily a base mod, we have a lot of content that allows processing metals that we add, but we don't *do* much with the end products, until we release another add-on that will make use of them.

IG Team:

Muddykats: Lead Developer
UnSchtalch: Research and Development, Model Artist
SteelBlue8: Artist and Main Texture Developer
CrimsonDragonRiderTeam Founder, Ideas Guy and a Professional Scope Creeper
Pabilo8: Code Consultant
jstocke12Code Consultant


We highly recommend that you use JEI for recipe knowledge, there is a Lot to remember and while we do fill out an IE Manual section it's not as comprehensive as we'd like.

The end products are compatible with other mods that would use them given that they use the correct tags.


Blocks and Items

The following table show's the metals that IG adds, what dimension you need to look in to find them and their source minerals! - As an example of just how much stuff has been implemented into IG, continue further down to see some of our Creative Tab.


Please note that everything about ore spawning is configurable, this means you can change what dimension they spawn in, the max and min vein size and more! - Naturally this means that you'll see we have ore variants for all stone types even if it doesn't spawn in the dimension that stone is found, this is for those who wish to customize where the ores spawn!


We add a lot of stuff, so to ensure the best experience we have sub tabs within the IG master tab, this allows us the orginization we need, and means you don't need to see an extra 4 tabs from one mod!



We add the following Acids:

  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Nitric Acid
  • Sulfuric Acid


These acids are used to create Ore Slurries in processing.



Hydrojet Cutter - Used to turn ore blocks into ore chunks


Gravity Separator - used to turn dirty crushed ore chunks to crushed ore chunks


Reverberation Furnace - used to process Sulfur based minerals

Chemical Vat - Commonly used to turn mineral grits into ore slurries


Rotary Kiln - Used to facilitate Calcination of non-sulfur minerals


Crystallizer - A dedicated Electrolysis machine to extract ores as crystals from ore slurries.



Immersive Geology is unlikely to be updated past 1.19 as I (Muddykat) do not support the chat reporting update in it's current state, Others of course may port the mod, but I will not assist.
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