Ice and Fire: Dragons

22,211,419 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 10, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Silver armor

Two players in silver armor show off their dragon-covered shields.

Dragon scale armor

A player shows off armor they fashioned from the remains of an ice dragon.

Glacier Beauty

A river biome separating a glaicer biome shows off its natural beauty.


A grey hippogryph watches as two brown hippogryphs take flight in the background.

Gorgon's Vision

A gorgon turns a zombie to stone


A pixie flies near the camera.

Pixie Village

Pixie Villages spawn in "Magical Forest" biomes. Pixies will enter and leave their hovels.

Siren's Song

Two siren sing a song too beautiful to resist...

Wild Hippocampi

Two wild hippocampi in the ocean.

Tamed Hippocampus

A tamed hippocampus tied up with a lead.

Death worms

Two death worms swim through the sands.

Giant Death worm

A rare and giant death worm swims towards the player.

Death worms and dragons

A sole dragon is attacked by 3 death worms.

Dragon skeletons

Dead dragon skeletons litter the desert... what could have killed them?


A cockatrice looks over a savanna.

Stymphalian Birds

A flock of stymphalian birds patrols the swamp biomes of the overworld


A troll searches for prey deep underground.

Myrmex Foraging

These myrmex workers have left their colony to look for food.


A tamed amphithere sits, while wild ones glide in the background

Sea Serpent Hunting

A sea serpent jumps out of the water while chasing a squid.

Sea Serpent Sunset

A sea serpent jumps out of the water at sundown.

Fire Dragon

A gray fire dragon wanders in the shadow of a glacier.

Dragon Fire!

A tamed dragon breathes fire on the command of its owner.

Fire Flying

A fire breathing dragon is ridden by a player.

Dragon Loot Stockpile

A big pile of valuable loot from the roosts and dens of both types of dragons.

Swimming Ice Dragon

An ice dragon takes a dive in search of prey.

Ice Dragon Roost

A wild ice dragon explores the area around its roost.

Fire Dragon Roost

A fire dragon spawns in a roost in a birch forest.

Sleeping armored dragon

An armored fire dragon takes a nap.

Giant Dragon Cave

deep underground, enormous dragons drift off in a deep slumber. Wise is those who does not disturb them.

Dragon Scorcher

A fire dragon scorches prey off in the distance.

Dragon fight

2 dragons of opposing types duke it out.

Tamed following dragons

two tamed dragons follow their owner in the skies

Graceful fliers

two dragons glide through the air.

Flying Roarer

A roaring flying dragon.


A Lectern. This block is used to gather more information about the world Ice and Fire.

Dread Lich & Minions

a dread lich in a mausoleum along with his summoned minions.


A hydra with a severed head. It will soon grow back.

Cyclops Cave

A cyclops watches over his cave by the sea.

Lightning Dragon

An elusive Lightning Dragon raids a Savanna village.

Lightning Dragon Roar

The nocturnal Lightning Dragon roars.


A few ghosts chase the player away from their graveyard.