Ice and Fire: Dragons in a whole new light!

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-Fire dragon remodel

-Ice dragon remodel

-Reworked dragon attacks

-Reworked dragon flight behavior and appearance

-Reworked dragon fire and dragon ice, now less resource intensive and more visually appealing

-Reworked dragon roosts and dragon caves, both are larger and more interesting now

-New animations for dragons along with revamped old animations

-Dragons can now engage in destructive “bombing runs” against targets

-Retextured dragon armor

-Retextured dragon skull/skeleton

-Many internal code rewrites

-Sea serpent remodel

-Added gender dimorphism for dragons - Males have patterned wings with straight horns while females have curved horns and plain wings. Males also hoard more valuable treasure!

-Reworked ice dragon swimming AI

-Added dragon escort AI, a way to have your dragons follow you from above

-Added dragon scale blocks, sea serpent scale blocks and dragon bone blocks for storage

-Added dragon forge blocks, used for creating the dragon forge multiblock structure

-Added dragon forge, a multiblock structure used to create powerful metals forged in dragons breath

-Reduced damage caused by dragon fire and ice

-Added fire dragonsteel and ice dragonsteel tools, extremely strong tools and armor

-Added rare drops for many mobs, used in crafting legendary weapons

-Added the following legendary weapons: Hippogryph Talon Sword, Pixie Wand, Cyclops Eye, Siren Flute, Hippocampus Slapper, Death Worm Gauntlet, Cockatrice Scepter, Stymphalian Bird Feather Bundle, Stymphalian Bird Dagger, Myrmex Swarm, Amphithere Macuahuitl, and the Tide Trident. Each legendary weapon has special attributes, make sure to check out each one!

-Added chains for capturing hostile mobs and subduing wild dragons to power your dragon forge

-Added placeable skulls for Hippogryph, Cyclops, Cockatrice, Stymphalian Bird, Troll, Amphithere, and Sea Serpent

-Added 13 new Ice and Fire related banner patterns

-Added crafting uses for charred/frozen blocks, turn them into charcoal/packed ice respectively

-Added creative dragon meal for instantly taming dragons

-Added silver and dragonsteel armor for the dragons

-Added sound for the bestiary page turning

-Allowed dragons to break lilypads

-Bumped damage from troll weapons

-Improved Amphithere flight AI

-Improved Pixie flight AI

-Allowed dragon and hippogryph owners to remove home point setting

-Retextured the frozen blocks

-Retextured dragon armor

-Added a general config option for blacklisting/whitelisting dimension IDs for generation

-Added config for blacklisting blocks from dragon destruction

-Added config for disabling structures on flat worlds

-Added base myrmex attack strength config option

-Separated creative tab into items and blocks

-Added hopper support for pixie jars

-Added ItemHandler capability support for all Ice and Fire inventory tile entities

-Charred/Frozen blocks made by dragon breath will gradually revert to their previous state

-Made dragon idle animations smoother

-Decreased default amphithere spawn rate

-Made dragons, amphitheres and myrmex turn around slower

-Increased render distance for dragons from 64 blocks to 256

-Added custom main menu

-Added Ice and Fire related advancements

-Added Mod support for JEI

-Added Mod support for HWYLA

-Added Mod support for TheOneProbe

-Added Mod support for CraftTweaker

-Added Mod support for Tinkers Construct, including 4 new tool materials and 2 new modifiers!

-Updated Russian Translations

-Updated French Translations

-Updated Japanese Translations

-Updated Portuguese translation

-Optimized path navigation code and model animation code for dragons and myrmex

-Rebalanced experience points for every mob

-Fixed Ore Dictionary console spam and silver and sapphire not being registered or craftable

-Fixed crash with Phosphorus mod

-Fixed particles being spawned on the server side and causing memory leaks

-Fixed particles all disappearing due to memory leak

-Fixed configs not updated when changed in game

-Fixed hippocampus inventory being a buggy mess

-Fixed some desync errors when riding dragons and hippogryphs

-Fixed baby dragons disappearing when player leaves game with them on their shoulder

-Fixed dimensional whitelists not behaving properly

-Fixed sea serpent boat crash

-Fixed dragon skulls not being the correct size

-Fixed cyclops, death worms, hippogryph and trolls not being able to swim

-Fixed sea serpent bubbles never despawning

-Fixed myrmex armor and tools being unrepairable

-Fixed Ice and Fire Egg items not being able to be used in cakes

-Fixed tamed dragons not breaking blocks

-Fixed bestiary tooltip related crash

-Fixed lectern crash

-Fixed desert myrmex chitin axe having a wooden handle

-Fixed silver tool bonus not being applied

-Fixed Ice dragonbone sword making dragons sink into the void

-Fixed dragons turning invisible when they are above a certain height

-Fixed dragons breaking liquids

-Fixed cockatrices favoring to follow their owner rather than attack

-Fixed dragons from different owners not being able to breed

-Fixed villagers not fleeing sirens once seeing their true form

-Fixed pixie crash when being released from their jars

-Fixed empty jars making pixie giggling noises

-Fixed myrmex not being able to attack very far

-Fixed taking fall damage from capturing a dragon in a horn

-Fixed being able to trade with villagers who have been turned to stone

-Fixed wild hippogryphs flying forever

-Fixed dead death worms leaving behind lag inducing hitboxes

-Fixed myrmex eggs despawning

-Fixed myrmex queen despawning

-Fixed gibberish on 4th page of Cockatrice bestiary entry

-Fixed trolls not standing under the sky even at night

-Fixed dragons flying too high

-Fixed deathworm launching hard blocks

-Fixed ice and fire lilies floating

-Fixed troll render crash

-Fixed ice and fire lilies making odd noises

-Fixed some dragon caves rarely generating with no gold or silver

-Fixed gorgon and cockatrice using visual attacks on blindfolded mobs

-Fixed very buggy item eating behaviors of mobs

-Fixed specific items like myrmex eggs and pixie jars not appearing in search tab

-Fixed cockatrices taking suffocation damage

-Fixed tide armor not being able to be repaired


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