Horror Movie Monsters Mod

41,980 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 25, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Horror Movie Monsters are now in Minecraft!

Now Multiplayer Compatible! (only version 12.1 and up, comment if it doesn't work. PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS IN THE COMMENTS)



  • Smith & Wesson model 15 does not work in 1.14.4




  • Added Pennywise (1990)




  • Made changes to Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and Ghostface's weapon models
  • Decreased amount of EXP dropped when Krampus is killed




Lowered health of most monsters




  • Improved Krampus model
  • Slightly changed Krampus texture
  • Slightly lowered Krampus & Freddy Krueger health




Fixed a bug that caused Chucky to spawn without a weapon




  • Fixed a bug that caused world loading to get stuck at 100% in 1.14.4




  • Added Krampus




  • Fixed a bug that caused Freddy to sometimes spawn when right clicking a bed in the day time
  •  Adjusted Health of most monsters




  • Fixed Forge (now compatible with the latest version, let me know if it needs to be fixed/updated again)
  • All weapons now have a custom attack speed (1.14.4 only)




  • Added Minecraft 1.14.4 support!
  • Other small fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Chucky does not carry his weapon, this is due to issues with 1.14.4 and may be permanent. Chucky does still have a 25% chance to drop his weapon




  • Added Smith & Wesson Model 15 (25% chance to be dropped by Captain Spaulding)



  • Fixed Lubdan the Leprechaun's hitbox



  • Added Lubdan the Leprechaun from the film series Leprechaun


  • BUG FIX: Giant Frankenstein did not spawn when Frankenstein is struck by lightning




  • FIXED MULTIPLAYER! It should work now, please let me know if it doesn't




  • Added Babyface from the movie: The Hills Run Red
  • Added Babyface's Axe




  • Fixed small error in Teke Teke's model




  • Frankenstein, Kayako, Hannibal Lecter & Jigsaw have new skins
  • Pennywise, Babyface, La Llorona, The Nun & Kuchisake-onna have slightly updated/improved skins
  • Captain Spaulding's hat texture has been changed to match his skin





  • Added Teke Teke




  • When Frankenstein is struck by lighting he turns into Giant Frankenstein!




  • Removed the audio for some monsters




  • Added Frankenstein
  • Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, Pyramid Head and Captain Spaulding now spawn in the Nether
  • All monsters now attack wolves




  • BUG FIX: Some monsters did not attack the player, this has been fixed.




  • Slightly improved Freddy Krueger Glove and Captain Spaulding Hat models
  • Monsters no longer spawn in the Nether




  • Improved cave spawning parameters, it's now even less likely for monsters to spawn in caves




  • Monsters no longer spawn in caves or the End
  • Removed Boss Health Bars (sometimes there are too many on screen)




  • Reverted AI change, it caused an unfixable bug




  • Greatly Improved AI
  • Chucky and Annabelle are now small
  • Slightly Increased spawn rate of all monsters
  • Increased amount of EXP earned when Pyramid Head is killed
  • Added Boss Health Bars to all monsters with weapons




  • Added Pyramid Head Sword (15 attack damage)
  • Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees will now attack each other when close
  • All monsters weapons are more efficient and have more enchantability
  • Speed of all monsters has been increased




  • Added Pyramid Head (slowest monster)




  • Added 3 MORE NEW monsters: Nun, Annabelle and Kuchisake-onna (also known as slit-mouth woman)
  • Small changes to AI of most monsters




  • BUG FIX: Kayako no longer goes invisible when hit (this was supposed to be in the last update but didn't work for some reason, it's fixed now) [This ability has been given to La Llorona]




  • Added 3 NEW monsters: Babyface, Captain Spaulding and La Llorona
  • La Llorona now goes invisible when hit instead of Kayako (Kayako is still fastest)
  • Added default sounds to monsters that were missing some




  • Increased movement speed of most monsters
  • Due to reports of bad FPS with new models, I've decided to revert back to the old models. I want everyone to enjoy the mod not just people with better PC's, Candyman's weapon model has been updated as
  • well, check the images to see all of the models.
  • Added Creative mode Inventory tab for every weapon in the mod





  • Removed water particles from Jason
  • Fixed some monsters AI




  • Improved Michael Myers, Jason, Chucky and Ghostface weapon models
  • Improved Pinhead head model
  • Freddy Krueger now has a 10% chance to spawn when going to sleep in a bed
  • Slightly reduced spawn rates for all monsters




  • Added Kayako (She goes INVISIBLE for about 6 seconds when attacked and is currently the fastest monster)
  • Monsters with weapons now have a 25% chance to drop it (in previous versions weapon drops were so rare it was almost impossible)
  • Greatly Increased amount of EXP each monster drops




  • Added Candyman and Candyman's Hook
  • Improved Freddy Krueger Glove model (see images for new model)
  • Adjusted all monsters movement speed and damage
  • Increased spawn rates of all monsters




  • Balanced all monsters movement speed based on their movie characters (Now every Monster won't be super fast, only a few)
  • MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBLE (It should work now, but if there are issues please let me know)
  • Fixed skins on some Monsters
  • Doubled spawn rates of Monsters without weapons
  • Fixed Michael Myers audio




  • Added Pennywise
  • Added Pinhead






  • All monsters have a 25% chance to drop their weapons if they have one.
  • All monsters deal the same amount of damage as their weapons, monsters with no weapons deal 2 hearts of damage. 
  • Freddy Krueger has a 10% chance to spawn when going to sleep in a bed.
  • Monsters DO NOT spawn in caves or the End, monsters labeled with "[N]" can spawn in the Nether
  • Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees attack each other when close
  • When Frankenstein is struck by lightning he turns into Giant Frankenstein
  • Captain Spaulding has a 25% chance to drop a Smith & Wesson Model 15





  • Jigsaw (21❤️) (SAW) [skin created by: supertigers]
  • Michael Myers (49❤️) (Halloween) [skin created by: jeramai]
  • [N] Jason Voorhees (49❤️) (Friday the 13th) [skin created by: SteffenLive]
  • [N] Freddy Krueger (42❤️) (A Nightmare on Elm Street) [skin created by: Sneeze7]
  • Leatherface (35❤️) (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) [skin created by: bertie13]
  • Hannibal Lecter (21❤️) (Silence of the Lambs) [skin created by KKLuke]
  • Ghostface (31❤️) (Scream) [skin created by: Shiva]
  • Chucky (38❤️) (Child's Play) [skin created by: SquareNexus]
  • [N] Pinhead (42❤️) (Hellraiser) [skin created by: Boomer]
  • Pennywise (49❤️) (It) [skin created by: KKLuke]
    • Pennywise (1990) (49❤️) (It) [skin created by: KKLuke]
  • Candyman (35❤️) (Candyman) [skin created by: Calendar Man]
  • Kayako (35❤️) (The Grudge) [The fastest monster] [skin created by: Village_girl_xo]
  • Babyface (35❤️) (Happy Death Day) [skin created by: LuisDLSantos]
  • La Llorona (21❤️) (The Curse of La Llorona) [She goes INVISIBLE for about 8 seconds when attacked] [skin created by: Majora_Raven66]
  • [N] Captain Spaulding (28❤️) (House of 1000 Corpses) [ skin created by: barrettr500]
  • Nun (35❤️) (The Nun) [skin created by: Agresiva, edited by me]
  • Annabelle (21❤️) (Annabelle) [skin created by: purplescales]
  • Kuchisake-onna (28❤️) (Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman) [skin created by: _Maruku]
  • [N] Pyramid Head (49❤️) (Silent Hill) [Slowest monster, also the most powerful] [skin created by: If anyone knows the author of this skin please let me know, the skin was deleted off of PlanetMinecraft so I'm unable to find who made it.]
  • Frankenstein (35❤️) (Frankenstein) [skin created by: xXPurizeXx]
  • Giant Frankenstein (38❤️) (Frankenstein) [skin created by: User Profile, edited by me]
  • Teke Teke (17❤️) (Teketeke) [skin & model created by me]
  • Babyface (42❤️) (The Hills Run Red) [skin created by WeirdCriminal, edited by me]
  • Leprechaun (35❤️) (Leprechaun) [skin & model created by me]
  • Krampus (42❤️) (Krampus) [skin & model created by me]




  • Michael Myers's Knife (6❤️damage)
  • Jason Voorhees's Machete (8❤️damage)
  • Freddy Krueger's Glove (4❤️damage)
  • Leatherface's Chainsaw (10❤️damage)
  • Ghostface's Knife (4❤️damage)
  • Chucky's Knife (4❤️damage)
  • Candyman Hook (5❤️damage)
  • Pyramid Head Sword (15❤️damage)
  • Babyface's Axe (8❤️damage)
  • Smith & Wesson Model 15 (4❤️damage, uses GUNPOWDER for ammo) [any entity shot by it will experience Slowness level 1 for 30 seconds, Mining Fatigue level 3 & Weakness level 1 for 60 seconds] {This weapons resolution is slightly higher than the rest and may result in slightly less performance on some PC's}





This mod was made with the help of MCreator ( https://mcreator.net/ )


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