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Harvesting crops is such a pain, breaking them all to get the drops and then having to replant each one.
Well, not anymore! With this mod you can just right click on your crops to harvest them and leaving a new plant to grow!
It's also compatible with almost all modded crops, to ease your mind of one thing more!

Altough it's stated that the mod is required on both sides, it can be safely installed server-side only and still work.
However when a client that does not have the mod connects to a server that does, and the player tries to harvest a crop while holding a block, it cause block flashing. The only way to prevent this glitch is to set require hoe to true.

If you're using the version, be aware that the mod ID changed from harvestwithease to harvest_with_ease.
Backup your configuration file and update the new one at the first run with the beta version.
Furthermore, Harvest with ease now requires Cobweb API to work, so install that too!
For any problem that might arise, do not hesitate to open an issue on GitHub or contact us directly on our Discord!


  • Right-click to harvest any crop, works with both Vanilla and most modded out of the box!
    Harvesting wheat
  • Works on nether warts and cocoa beans too!
    Harvesting cocoa Harvesting nether wart
  • Correctly consumes 1 crop seed to simulate replanting!
  • Right-click while holding an item with fortune to increase drops!
  • Highly configurable! See next section for more details.


  • require hoe: whether holding a hoe (either hands) is required to right-click harvest, defaults to false.
  • damage on harvest: how much damage the hoe should receive upon use, effective only if > 0 and require hoe is enabled.
  • exp on harvest: how many experience points should be granted when right-click harvesting or break-harvesting, effective only if > 0 (note it's exp points and not exp levels).
  • play sound: whether to play a sound when harvesting a crop, defaults to true.
  • multi-harvest starting tier:
    Tool tier starting from which it is possible to harvest multiple crops at once.
    All tiers that cannot multi-harvest will have a 1x1 square area of effect (a single crop).
    If starting harvest area size is set to single and area increment step to none multi-harvest will be effectively disabled, regardless of this config option value.
    When set to none multi-harvest will be enabled without a tool too. Note that require hoe takes precedence.
  • starting harvest area size:
    Starting multi-harvest area size (square side length).
    The area is always a square centered on the right-clicked crop.
    Setting this to single and area increment step to none will effectively disable multi-harvest.
  • area increment step:
    Increment step for the harvest area size with higher tool tiers.
    Setting this to none and starting harvest area size to single will effectively disable multi-harvest.
  • crops: list of additional in-game IDs for crops that are not supported out of the box, defaults to an empty list.
    This last config option is just a safety measure, so far no crop needs it.


Forge Config API Port is a required dependency for Fabric.

License and right of use

Feel free to use this mod for any modpack or video, just be sure to give credit and possibly link here.
This project is published under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

For developers

Your modded crops will work with this mod out of the box only if they extend the CropBlock class, which is how it should be.
If, for whatever reason, you can't extend that class the crops config option is there exactly for you. Just add the in-game ID of your crop(s) to make it work, however note that this will work only if your crops have an Integer Property whose name is set to be "age" and represents the age values your crops can have, from 0 to a max value.

Since version, an API is available to better integrate your mod with this one. Note however that this should rarely be necessary. To learn how to use the provided API follow the Wiki on GitHub.

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