this is the official successor (yes I have permission from the original GunCus creator, Stuuupiiid, to succeed his mod) of the Gun Customization mod series.

This mod is still a little bit WIP. I plan on adding a JSON Content Pack system because someone requested it.








How to get Started








Current Features

- Guns

- A LOT of attachments!

- Different bullets

- Advanced shooting mechanics

- Guns trader villagers (gun table is the block that gives them the profession)



/guncus on - turn on your accessory attachment (eg. laser)

/guncus off - turn off your accessory attachment

/guncus empty - empty your gun (you can only change attachments of empty guns)


WIP Features


- More guns

- More cartridges

- More attachments

- Different sounds

- Content pack system (which will be very easy! message me if interested in this feature)

- Patreon rewards, like custom attachments and guns (message me if interested)


3D Models

 If you are a modeler, you can check out the resources of this mod. Mainly the models; in there you can make everything full 3D and also set the aim matrix to properly adjust the weapon with the player's eyes. I personally will not create 3D models but I will gladly link a resource pack made for that.