57,644 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 5, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Grid showing chunk borders

/grid lines /grid chunks will give you orange lines where chunk borders are.

Grid showing a block pattern every 8th block to show where torches should be placed

/grid blocks /grid 8 /grid here When you want to space out torches, or anything else, every X-th block, grid can highlight those blocks.

Grid showing circles to help building round structures, seen from above

/grid 20 /grid circles /grid fixy (before flying up) In circles mode, grid shows which blocks are closest to a circle with a given radius.In this example, grid height is fixed to the ground, not floating with the player.

Grid showing possible mob spawn blocks

/grid spawns This highlights blocks that are dark enough to allow mobs to spawn - red highlights mean mobs can spawn anytime, yellow is for blocks that are dark enough only at night.

Torches every 5 blocks light up an area enough to prevent mob spawns

/grid 5 /grid blocks /grid spawns Grid helps you to place torches in a regular 5x5 pattern to light up everything enough so mobs can't spawn.

Building a road

/grid blocks /grid 3 7 Different X and Z coordinates; grid shows where to place lampposts when building a road.

Hex overlay

This is the new (since 1.6) Hex grid overlay. /grid hex, /grid lines.