GregTech Community Edition

467,154 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 13, 2019 Game Version: Forge

## Changelog

### 1.8.6
* Fixed inability to make dark concrete bricks.
* Fixed Air Collector consuming EU when tank is full.
* Disabled decomposition of more organic compounds.
* Removed max voltage transformer.
* Prevent invalid models on facades from crashing game.
* Fixed JEI multiblock preview not showing machines.
* Fixed robotic arm modes not working.
* Allow controlling battery buffers output via machine controller.

### 1.8.4
* Added Energy Field Projector.
* Fix server side crash with covers on pipes.
* Tree capitation now only cuts logs connected via at most 1 leaves block.
* Play destroy sound and spawn particles when tree capitating wood blocks too.

### 1.8.3-hotfix
* Removed debug log
* Fixed exception while badly written mods attempt to retrieve info from invalid stacks.

### 1.8.3
* Added Nano Saber.
* Fixed severe e-net bug where battery buffers voided accepted EU.
* Fixed cables burning on too many amps even if they're not consumed.
* Allow using GTCE gems and ingots as beacon payments.
* Changed some high-tier circuit textures.

### 1.8.2
* Show full inventory in most covers UI instead of only hotbar.
* Added recipe for electric screwdriver. Closes #530.
* Added alternative recipes for tools using power units.
* Electric tools now leave power units when their tips are broken. Closes #605.
* Remove Quartz Block cutting recipe. Closes #848.
* Temporary revert pipe rendering to previous version. Closes #846.
* Fix fisher-related compile issues.
* Added discharge mode for batteries in player inventory.
* Don't connect wires on sides of mach ines that can't neither input nor output energy.
* Increased overclock efficiency a bit for high voltage recipes.
* Reduce damage taken by tools in certain actions a bit.
* Added a Fisher.
* Show only stone variants of ore in ores tab, show all variants in search tab.
* Use voltage names instead of tier numbers in electric items tooltip.
* Fixed incorrect pipes color after using spray on them.
* Particle textures of machines, cables and pipes are now properly colored.
* Added two new chest variants: wooden chest (27 slots) and small wooden chest (1 slot).
* Fixed incorrect lighting of pipes in world.
* Disabled cover placement grid on pipes - they now use sub areas for cover placement.
* Fixed covers not blocking flow between pipes.
* Allow blocking connections between pipes via wrench clicking on sides.
* Fixed battery buffer not updating comparator value.
* Disabled shift clicking for phantom item slots.
* Added blacklist option for filters and conveyors.
* Show actual meta tile entity creator mod ID in JEI.
* Enhanced placement grid for covers on machines and pipes, show it only when it's used now.
* Robotic Arm now isn't limited in the transfer rate in transfer exact & keep exact modes.
* Fix few tools-related issues.

### 1.8.1
Added a config option to specify bonus EU output per turbine type.