Greg is now a boss mob. Summon him by surrounding a nether star with 8 golden blocks. Right click the crafted totem to spawn Greg (at the moment the totem has an infinite number of uses, I plan to change this). Greg has double the health of the Warden and hurls explosives at you. He drops his tongue and a special idol. The tongue can be smelted in a blast furnace exclusively (it takes ten minutes lol). Combine this smelted tongue w/ a netherite ingot to get a new ingot for a new armor set (combine the ingot and netherite armor in a smithing table).  More coming soon! 


ALSO: I have permission from the devs of Worldbox, they said I could release this mod, as long as I gave them credit!


Worldbox website: https://www.superworldbox.com


1.16.5 coming soon!

1.19 coming this Fall/Winter (most likely)