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Filename GoldnLib-1.16.x-v0.1.8 Emerald v0.1.0.jar
Uploaded by Goldninja100gn
Uploaded Dec 2, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +7
Size 1.10 MB
Downloads 428
MD5 3b775a4d263f67a3e363a4f06336d4de
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


• rebuilt Emeralds (Emeralds v0.1.0 build 2)
• added Silky Spawner enchantment 
• added Egg Block (a method to get spawn eggs)
• added /heal, /fix, /damage add {number}, and /damage set {number} commands
• added Restoneless Iron Doors and Trapdoors
• added Vanilla Dye Recipes (just stolen from Bedrock)
• added generalized boat recipe (allows for any wood type mixed to make an oak boat)
• added Nausea potion


Known Issues:
• the old Emerald Tools items will have missing textures and be 100% useless (do "/emeraldtoolsfix" to get the default resources for them)
• all previous home and warp technical issues from v0.1.6 (caused by not being able to grab the world's folder)
• compatible with all 1.16.x versions, but might have issues with early Forge 1.16.x Beta versions.
• Silky Spawners drops pig spawners, this is because of my limited knowledge of NBT tagging because the function I use just resets all NBT tagging when conversing the block to a dropped item. Please contact me if you are familiar with Spawner's NBT tagging. 



I have been working on a 1.17.x version of the mod. Because forge changed so much between 1.16.5 and 1.17.1, I have to reconstruct the mod from the ground up, as well as learning about the new format. Looks like the Files library I use no longer works in 1.17.x so configs will most likely be disabled. At the current rate, I might have a functional 1.17.1 version in a week or two. Emeralds v0.1.0 already has a 1.17.1 version, just missing the GoldnLib source. Keep up to date on my progress in Discord