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General Layman's Aesthetic Spying Screen (GLASS) allows you to decorate your houses in a way not thought possible before. Ever wanted to watch the sun set whilst living in a cave? With GLASS, that is now possible!

What is GLASS in a simple moving image



The mod adds 4 new blocks & recipes:

GLASS terminal:

GLASS projector:

GLASS extension:

GLASS wireless extension:


The GLASS terminal is essentially your camera. Place this down and right click it to set a channel and if it is a public channel or private channel.


The GLASS projector shows what is seen by the terminal when powered with redstone, and it also extends that to any neighbouring GLASS extensions. You can set which channel it's connecting to by placing it and right clicking the block. You can also adjust the order of the wireless extensions connected to it.

Connecting a GLASS wireless extension to a GLASS projector instantly toggles the GLASS projector to wireless mode. In wireless mode, views are drawn in triangles, with the first point of the triangle being the GLASS projector and the next two GLASS wireless extensions in order of addition. Every other triangle after will use the previous last two GLASS wireless extensions for their points. (For the code savvy, look up GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP). You can connect a single wireless extension multiple times to multiple GLASS projectors by right clicking the block.


As with clientside rendering, there are limitations as to how far GLASS will be able to render. GLASS will only be able to render another perspective that is close enough to your current position. A lot of this mod requires the elements used to be in within the client world. As with World Portals, rendering the world on GLASS will half your FPS for each new render turned on. Be vary of this and try not to have too many running at once.


The mod itself has no configs but configs applied to iChunUtil's World Portals will apply.


Holes in the world of the GLASS render is a known issue that I've not been able to fix for this mod nor Portal Gun. 


Requires iChunUtil and Minecraft Forge.