This mod allows you to craft equipment from Biomes O' Plenty gemstones (as well as emerald). A heavy emphasis is placed on configurability: pretty much any tool parameter can be configured, as well as whether to use the ore dictionary or not (on a per material basis). The materials all behave differently. Here's a summary:


Amber - Forest Biomes - Quite durable, very enchantable, poorer performance

Emerald - Mountain Biomes - like diamond, worse durability and enchantibility

Malachite - Swamp Biomes - highly durable, rather enchantable, good performance

Peridot - Plains Biomes - High enchantibility, good performance, poor durability

Ruby - Arid Biomes - Strong armor and good performance, low enchantibilty, moderate durability

Sapphire - Ocean Biomes - Strong armor and good performance, moderate enchantibility, slightly low durability

Tanzanite - Cold Biomes - Very strong armor and tools, bad enchantibillty, fairly low durability

Topaz - Lush Biomes - Strong armor and tools, poor enchantiblity, moderate durability

Precise values can be found and changed in the config file. Hope you enjoy!


Note - This mod requires Biomes O' Plenty, it will not work without it.