G4mespeed does not have any dependencies, so all you need is Fabric Loader for the correct version of Minecraft. Installation after that is as simple as dragging and dropping the mod into the .minecraft/mods folder.



The core of G4mespeed Mods, adding support for extensions through the g4mespeed-core API. The core version of g4mespeed allows you to change tick rate of the server & client and adds many quality of life features. It is also itself an extension, which improves reliability of timing for client-server communication fixing many client timing-related issues. This means that you can get almost full reliability with falling blocks, pistons, elevators and much much more. Most features are client-sided (such as synchronization and monitoring tps performance of the server) but it will improve the reliability even more if the mod is also installed on the server.


If you want to check out the release video, it can be found below (note that this is quite old, and a lot has changed since):



The mod source code can be found on the GitHub page


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In case you have questions or want to know more about G4mespeed releases, feel free to join the discord by following the link below: