Futurepack Mod

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Filename Futurepack-1.11.2-25.2.151.jar
Uploaded by Mcenderdragon
Uploaded Oct 1, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 17.51 MB
Downloads 1,839
MD5 0a5b9e2c6bc22bd0be6fb176c88c4bff
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


+readded Huge Dungeons
+added clear button to tec table
+re-enabling DungeonProtection
+added FP-Lever
+added new Texts

*crash fix in BlockMetalSlap, closes #232
*added ironStick ore dict
*bugfix: monorail waypoint loses name on redstone pulse
*bugfix: techtable crafting with buckets
*modular door should work now better in multiplayer
*bugifx: emagnet recipe was wrong in EScanner research
*bugfix: force fields render sides always
*bugfix: industrial neon furnace uses too much items as input
*bugfix industriall (neon) furnace uses 3 items fromn first slot instea dsof from each slot one item.
*bugfix: doup bug in tech table
*updated sword_handle texture\n",
*bugfix: partpress no longer restarts pressing if one fuel item was not enough
*bugfix: EOFException in Dungeon Protection\n",
*bugfix: render crash in HelperRenderBlocks #261\n",
*bugfix: chunk scanner crashes randomly
*bugfix: all laser forget their owner and owner less turrets do nothing