As of FTB Chunks 1902.4.0 you will need to use FTB XMod Compat if you want to have KubeJS, FTB Ranks / Luckperms, Waystones, Game Stages integration with FTB Chunks.


A mod that allows you to claim chunks to protect your blocks. It also has a minimap and large map!


Right-click anywhere in map to create a waypoint.

Right-click on waypoints and death points to edit or delete them.

Click on Claimed Chunks button, then left or right-click on map to select chunks that will belong to you. Shift-left or right-click on claimed chunks to toggle forceloading.

Add people as allies with Allies button to allow them to interact with your chunks. (This has changed recently, update will soon follow)

If they also add you as ally, you can share map data with them.