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Friends&Foes adds outvoted and forgotten mobs from the mob vote. One of the main goals is to further expand upon original concepts and add new vanilla-like features related to all the mobs.

You can check wiki for a detailed overview of implemented mobs and features.

Tuff GolemTuff Golem

Tuff Golem, a statuesque mob, which can hold and display any item you give it, but be careful when it is not sleeping it loves to take spontaneous strolls. Want your tuff golem to stay put? Stick it in place with a honeycomb. If you want to build this sleeping beauty, gather a tuff block, a wool block of any color, and a pumpkin.

Tuff Golem holding enchanted book Sleeping Tuff Golems


Discover Rascal, a mischievous little creature located in the mines, that finds joy in the game of hide-and-seek. It’s both playful and helpful, giving you hints as you search for it. Find it three times and it will reward you with the bundle of your dreams!

Rascal in the mines Rascal throwing out the bundle

Copper GolemCopper Golem

Meet the Copper Golem, a pocket-sized, comedic marvel that finds joy in randomly pressing copper buttons. Like any other copper creations it will oxidize over time, but do not worry, maintenance is a breeze! For a quick makeover, grab an axe or a honeycomb. If you want to build this little creature, gather a copper block, a pumpkin, and a lightning rod.

Copper Golem Workstation structure in the village Copper Golems

Other features related to the copper golem:


Introducing the Glare, grumpy and cute mossy companion living in the lush caves that hates the darkness. Do you share a disdain for the dark? In that case glare can show you areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn. If you want to tame or breed this little cutie, you will need the glow berries, but be careful, glares tends to snack on them regularly, leaving no leftovers.

Baby and adult Glare Flying Glare in the lush caves


Encounter the Iceologer, a lonely illager who lives deep in the snows. You can find him by searching for a small spruce cabin among the trees. But be careful on your adventure though, as years of living in the wild has made his heart colder than the ice around him. If he spots you, brace for icy attacks, turning your adventure into a frosty challenge.

Iceologer Cabin in the snows Iceologer attacking the villager

Other features related to the iceologer:


Presenting the Moobloom, sun-kissed cow, covered with a beautiful flowers, living mostly in the flower forests. These flower-covered companions are not only a sight to behold, but also engage in a harmonious synergy with bees. As they traverse, the mooblooms leave a trail of blooming flora, turning each step into a mesmerizing journey through nature's wonders.

Buttercup Mooblooms Flowery Mooblooms

Other features related to the moobloom:


Wildfire, the master of blazes, which is protected by four shields. This encounter is not a friendly one, watch out for its shield debris barrage and ground-shaking shockwave attack. When cornered, it summons blazes for reinforcement. Conquer the challenge, wield strategy against this fiery sentinel in it's citadel domain.

Citadel structure in the nether Wildfire in the citadel

Other features related to the wildfire:

MaulerMauler (The Great Hunger)

Introducing the Mauler, pint-sized predator roaming savannas, badlands, and deserts. They are on a quest for chickens, rabbits, and more. You can feed them enchanted goodies to store experience points and later extract them using bottles. But beware the more experience points, the bigger and hungrier the Mauler!

Maulers hunting the chicken Fed Mauler


Encounter the Illusioner, a cunning trickster armed with a bow who lives in the taiga. You can find him by searching for a small shack or his training grounds. Approach with caution, for the blinding spell may leave you in the dark, making it challenging to distinguish between illusion and reality.

Illusioner Shack in the taiga Illusioner in the training grounds

Other features related to the illusioner:

Zombie Horse (Trap)Zombie Horse (Trap)

Ever wanted to ride a Zombie Horse? If so, approach one during a thunderstorm, and magic may happen – you might even catch a glimpse of the four horsemen."

Zombie Horse during thunderstorm Four Horsemen during thunderstorm

⚙️ Compatibility / addons

Friends&Foes is designed to be fully compatible with all other mods, and it currently offers few addons and datapacks:

💬 Community

Feel free to join our community at the discord server to chat, share your creations, ask any question or to simply be updated about the latest development of the mod and notified when the new release is out. Also don't hesitate to report any crash or bug via GitHub issues.

👋 Support

I will continue developing my mods as a hobby because I truly enjoy it. If you'd like to support me, you can do so on Patreon or Ko-fi. Your support is greatly appreciated.

📜 License

The mod is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

Please feel free to explore my code for examples of how I've tackled and solved various challenges while developing this mod. You're welcome to incorporate code snippets into your own projects. Also feel free to use this mod in any modpack (although credit/link back to this page will be greatly appreciated).

You can also look into the blockbench directory which contains all the models & palettes and into the textures directory for textures. Get inspired, but please don't just copy & paste any of it as your own.