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Flower Mimics


Requires the library mod Collective.

Flower Mimics is a mod made for SpookyJam 2023. It's highly configurable. By default, whenever a player walks around at night, any flower can be a mimic and turn into a mob. When this happens, lightning will strike. The mimic will have a custom name. When the player kills the mimics, extra items and experience are dropped. The flower from which it transforms, will be placed back in the original location. There is a 1/50 chance that a flower is a mimic.

Can cause some jump scares! đź‘»

While there are default values for an instant experience, it's possible to change a lot of behaviour. Which flowers can become mimics, what items are dropped and various settings when and how mimics should appear.

Be careful when walking around at night! A flower might just be something else:


By default, whenever you kill a mimic it'll place the original flower back. Extra items and experience are dropped by the mimic:


Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
flowerIsMimicChance (default = 0.02, min 0, max 1.0): The chance an encountered flower is a mimic, and transforms into a mob.
extraExperienceOnMimicDeath (default = 30): The amount of extra experience that should drop whenever a mimic is killed.
dropExtraItemsOnMimicDeath (default = true): Whether the items specified in ./config/flowermimics/.. should be dropped whenever a mimic is killed.
onlyTransformMimicsAtNight (default = true): Whether flowers should only transform into mobs when it is night time. When disabled, they can always transform.
resetMimicsBeforeNightTime (default = true): Whether mimic flower possibilities should be reset when the day turns into night.
removeFlowerBlockOnMimicSpawn (default = true): Whether the flower block from which the mimic transforms should be removed on spawn.
dropFlowerItemOnMimicDeath (default = false): If the mimic flower should be dropped on death. Must have 'removeFlowerBlockOnMimicSpawn' enabled.
replaceOriginalFlowerBlockOnMimicDeath (default = true): If the original flower block should be replaced when a mimic dies. Must have 'removeFlowerBlockOnMimicSpawn' enabled. Destination must have an air block.
placeFlowerBlockWhereMimicDies (default = false): If the a flower block should be placed where a mimic dies. Must have 'removeFlowerBlockOnMimicSpawn' enabled. Destination must have an air block.
showLightningOnMimicSpawn (default = true): If lightning should be shown whenever a mimic spawns.
showLightningOnFlowerBlockReturn (default = true): If lightning should be shown if a flower block is re-placed into the world.
preventMimicsOnPlacedAndBoneMealFlowers (default = true): Whether manually placed and bone mealed flowers should not spawn mimics.
checkForMimicAroundBlockRange (default = 15, min 1, max 30): How many blocks away from the player the mod should check for mimics. Increasing this will take more processing power.
mimicTransformAroundPlayerRange (default = 5, min 1, max 30): How close the player should be to a mimic flower in order for it to transform.
checkForMimicFlowersDelayInTicks (default = 50, min 1, max 3600000): How often the mod should check for flower mimics around the player. 20 ticks = 1 second

There are also two config files located in ./config/flowermimics/. :

It's possible to configure what flower mimics will turn into. Will also work with modded entities and flowers:

You can change what items flower mimics will drop:


You may freely use this mod in any modpack, as long as the download remains hosted within the CurseForge ecosystem.

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