Florist Mod

This mod adds a new villager type, the florist!

The florist has unique flowers that can be purchased.

To get a florist, make a florist's table. With 4 wood planks and any 2 flowers on top.

More to come, this is just the beginning of this mod...



Forge Versions - None Yet


Fabric Versions - 1.18.2, 1.18.1, 1.17.1


 Florist's Tables

Craft a florist's table near a villager that needs a job to get a florist!

Different types of florist tables for different florists! Three so far...




Florist - Will buy some flowers and sell others.



Christmas Florist - Sells Christmas themed flowers and more!




Valentines Florist - Sells heart flowers!




All Items

Here are all the items added so far.

All items other than florist's table are purchased from florist.

Now, some flowers spawn in the world!

All small flowers can now be placed in flower pots.

All small flowers also have suspicous stew efffects!

To turn on lights, right click the plant.










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