Flight HUD

Flight HUD is a client side Fabric and Forge Minecraft Mod that adds a flight style HUD like one you would see in a flight simulator.


Fabric and Forge Support!
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HUD Screenshot



 HUD Components




• pitch ladder
• artificial horizon
• flight path (prograde vector)
• air speed with sliding scale
• heading with sliding scale
• direction ordinals and axes
• altitude with sliding scale (relative to block zero)
• height (distance from ground)
• elytra health percentage
• location in x/z
• elevation summary showing
- void damage mark
- block zero
- ground level
- build limit
- current altitude


Config File

Config support is currently only in the fabric-4 version.  The config file will be created after you run the new mod once.  If you set "watchForConfigChanges"=true and restart, changes will occur in real-time when saving changes to the config file.


"watchForConfigChanges": false,
"width": 0.6,
"height": 0.6,
"scale": 1.0,
"xOffset": 0.0,
"yOffset": 0.0,
"thickness": 1.0,
"color_red": 0,
"color_green": 255,
"color_blue": 0,
"elytra_showHealth": true,
"elytra_x": 0.5,
"elytra_y": 0.8,
"location_showReadout": true,
"location_x": 0.2,
"location_y": 0.8,
"flightPath_show": true,
"pitchLadder_degreesPerBar": 20,
"pitchLadder_showLadder": true,
"pitchLadder_optimumGlideAngle": -2.0,
"pitchLadder_optimumClimbAngle": 55.0,
"speed_showScale": true,
"speed_showReadout": true,
"altitude_showScale": true,
"altitude_showReadout": true,
"altitude_showHeight": true,
"altitude_showGroundInfo": true,
"heading_showScale": true,
"heading_showReadout": true,
"heading_showOrdinals": true