Flight Rings [FABRIC]

9,343 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 17, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This is a fabric mod and won't work with forge.

Adds two different flight rings which grant creative flight. The first is cheaper, but has a severe (configurable) hunger penalty and isn't ideal for long-distance travel. The second is more expensive and has durability (configurable to use XP instead), but only has a slight hunger penalty. It also won't disappear when broken (similar to an elytra). There is also a config option for rings to only spawn in chest loot (note: changing this config option will delete any existing rings in your world. Pure flight rings can only be found in bastions and end cities.)

To enchant them with unbreaking or mending, use an anvil.

Basic Flight Ring recipe: (there is a config option to replace the quartz with an eye of ender or to completely disable it; note: changing this config option will delete any existing basic rings in your world)

Pure Flight Ring recipe:

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