Sick of placing torches by hand? Ever wish you could just yeet some light around for free?
This is everything you wanted!

Flares is a recreation of the flare mechanic from Deep Rock Galactic where you have 4 flares that regenerate over time as you use them!
This is as close to a 1:1 remake of that idea as possible. So you will start out with 5 flares, that will provide light for 5 minutes before burning out and hanging around for 5 minutes after which they despawn.
A new flare will be granted to you every 5 minutes, with up to a max of 5 flares at any time.


Like with any of my mods there's more configs than anyone could want so if your not a fan of the stock settings feel free to mix it up.
You can change how many players get, how long they last, the length of time they are lit for, how the physics react and even the color of the flare core itself!


As of V1.1.0 typing "setflarecolor #hexvalue" in chat will change the flare color for the flares you throw to any hex value! There are some extra options like "rainbow", "jeb" and "random" for some extra fun!



All you need to do is grab this mod, start up a world and push V to throw a flare!

If I ever get around to working on this more I have a few aspects I'd like to expand and improve on too. So we will see what comes next!