Flan's Mod Ultimate Stability Edition

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Filename Flan's Mod-1.49.jar
Uploaded by GolddolphinSKB
Uploaded Oct 31, 2021
Game Version 1.7.10   +3
Size 1.74 MB
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MD5 a9dd92b196b34f6563837bd9180b2cc0
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This release we had additional contributions from con_man180, and SecretAgent12. Many thanks for those!


  • A few bugs relating to the particle muzzle flash system, and changed default positions
  • Added missing particle textures used in muzzle flash system to gh
  • Major icon crash in creative tab from missing icons.
  • Mecha rendering crash
  • Players in SetPlayerInvis driveables not appearing after their driveable dies
  • Fancy melee animation crash


  • New explosion configuration options for driveable deaths: DeathFireRadius/ExplosionPower/ExplosionRadius/ExplosionBreaksBlocks/ExplosionDamageVs..
  • Made fields public to allow for integration with other forge mods (rel. damage sources)
  • Readded recipe for paintjob table
  • Melee w/(fancy swords) can no longer hit people through blocks
  • Grenades no longer bounce off tall grass
  • Fuel tank size less than 0 fuel means the vehicle does not need fuel, and will ignore engine start time.
  • Optional improved flight physics, by con_man. This is not enabled by default, as it requires extra configuration: Main features:

    MaxThrust replaces MaxThrottle

    New, realistic mass&lift physics

    Supersonic modelling at 2blocks/tick w/Mach-Tuck effect for non supersonic aircraft.

    Takeoff speed

    Better shootdown/control loss physics and effects (Port from LabJac) Better taxi controls

    See documentation for more information.

  • Set render weighting of driveables to max.
  • Small hitboxes for driveables now removes the hitbox completely
  • New airframe part for improved physics mode
  • ContentManager system, which can load Flans packs as mods - supporting dependencies and proper versioning (see documentation)
  • Kill message weapon icon now shows paintjob of weapon
  • Bullet speed multiplier applies to driveables and passenger guns, not just handheld guns
  • Passenger seat collisions now cause damage to the vehicle when hit, like collision points.
  • Improvement of player-bullet hit detection for unstable ping. There are still known issues with jumping and moving sideways.
  • Hitmarker crosshair now uses server side hit detection, reducing false positives/negatives, but may mean higher latency in the crosshair apppearing
  • Hitmarker crosshair now shows yellow for explosion damage
  • Improved vehicle fall speed via gravity and max fall speed - feedback on vehicle handling is welcome with respect to falling.
  • Removed unused logging

New Documentation:


  • Added gradle.properties to the repository, so version number does not have to be manually changed anymore.
  • Deobf jars will be distributed for use in dev environments, that is now part of our build.gradle tasks
  • Created pull request template
  • Check out pixelrider2000's experimental bukit/spigot integration: https://github.com/pixelrider2000/Flans-API
  • Slight unborking of the API
  • All Flans packs in the repo have been converted to content mods.

Plans for the next release(s):

  • Selectable reloading (Started by SecretAgent)
  • Better documentation + testing of recoil and spread
  • Hit crosshair for vehicle guns
  • Custom render system + documentation/examples
  • Content pack folder improvements (allow 'ammo' in place of bullets, and recursive file search for better organisation)

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FM 1.49 DeObf 1.71 MB Oct 31, 2021